Santonio Holmes: Pittsburgh Steelers Player Nightclub Attacker?

March 30, 2010

The Pittsburgh Steelers face yet another trouble with one of its players, now it is Santonio Holmes who has been accused after he allegedly attacked a woman at a Orlando Night club, and who really is this woman? Keep reading to know the rest of this story and a little look into his other legal troubles in the past, plus take a look at Santonio Holmes’ photos and video below.

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Santonio Holmes was at the VIP section in the Orlando Nightclub called Rain, where Anshinoe Mills was asked in not a nice way by Santonio to move from the couch’s armrest, but she refused and he allegedly got violent and grabbed her by her face to move her from the couch and then threw his drink filled glass onto her face. That cut her just below her eyebrow and started bleeding a little, Ms. Mills also claims that Santonio and a police officer intimidated her in order to make her not press charges against Holmes. The police officer allegedly told her that since Holmes was a major NFL player it was helpless to press charges, law could not touch him, meanwhile a police report was been filed about some parts of the incident, but that Mills decided not to press charges.

Santonio was charged with Battery, Assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress and as for the club? Well Rain’s owner can also be charged with “negligent failure of his establishment – protection of its customers, Ouch!

So what does Ms. Mills request on her lawsuit from Holmes? Apparently no less than $15,000 in damages. But who is Anshonae Mills?

We can tell you a little bit about this girl, on her BlackPlanet.con profile she appears to be 21 years old, resides in Orlando, but originally from Jacksonville, studied at the University of Central Florida were she graduated with a major in Forensic Science and a minor in Chemistry, but why don’t you read on in her own words.

“Im an adrenaline junky. My personality is contagious. I never stop smiling. I laugh when no one is laughing. I hate being called Ann or Shonae. Im not usually a b*tch, but i can be. Nothing annoys me more than lame people. So if you are lame…please..go to another page. I love money. I love to live. I love to love. I’d love being done with this sh*t!…so if you want to know more about me (bullsh*t aside) ask! Oh and one more thing…if you don’t have anything to offer me….save me the time and don’t send me any messages. If you can’t handle that…you probably can’t handle this!!!

And that is how Anshonae describes her self, so now we can have an idea of how her personality is, any comments on Ms. Mills?

Remember this is not the first Steeler to be involved in an attack, Ben Roethlisberger had some trouble of his own and for Holmes it is not his first time he has faced legal troubles. His first time was when he was just a teenage boy, he allegedly used to sell drugs, then back in May, 2006 he was arrested by the Miami police and charged with disorderly conduct. Then again that same year in June this time in Ohio for assault and domestic violence against his baby mama Lashae Boone. Charges were later dropped, but trouble was not over for Holmes. In October 2008 he was charged with alleged drug possession (Marijuana), and this is just Santonio what about the rest of the Steelers?

Well last year a bunch of them were allegedly the main object in a “Gun Party”. Some of the 14 players whom allegedly were involved were James Farrior, Ike Taylor, Max Starks, Brett Keisel and Joey Porter to name a few, but the Steelers later released a statement saying that they were participating in part of the team’s camp focusing on a gun safety course.

Never heard of a gun safety course before, w hat about you? We will keep you informed on more news around Holmes’ case, what do you think is going to happen? Give us your verdict!!

Meanwhile we invite you to take a look at Santonio Holmes’ video below.

Santonio Holmes Video


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