Mindy McCready Tape: Roger Clemens Mistress Video?

March 29, 2010

A Mindy McCready sex tape is all the rage on the internet today. Yikes, does this involve her former alleged lover Roger Clemens? Keep reading to know all the steamy details about this news plus take a look at the photos and video below.

Where is the Mindy McCready tape!

Mindy McCready tape

Roger Clemens’ alleged mistress Mindy McCready is claiming that he had a little problem in bed.

Mindy and Roger had a torrid affair that lasted over 10 years, and while Roger denied it Mindy accepted in all its majesty revealing some steamy details about their alleged affair. While you might think all those revelations were over, think again! She came back with even more steamier details than before.

That’s right country star singer and VH1 Celebrity Rehab’s Mindy McCready is now revealing Roger Clemens’ alleged erectile dysfunction problems, but says he was still good in bed. She also reveals that he allegedly was not as well equipped as her former beau Dean Cain. She also said how she never met Roger’s wife Debra, but she would like to.

Fast forward to the present and now we find out there will be a Mindy McCready tape available soon. It appears that Mindy will appear in her own sex tape, and does this tape star Roger Clemens? Well no it won’t, instead an ex- boyfriend of Mindy’s is her co-star, a guy we only know as Peter.

As you can imagine with a bomb like this, Vivid Entertainment took a piece of the action, yes the same one who published Kim Kardashian’s tape and who were willing to bring Tiger Woods alleged sex tape, now they will release Mindy McCready’s sex video under the name “Baseball Mistress” and it will be on the market April 19th. Well it looks like Mindy matched her former roommate Kari Ann Peniche, you do remember that Mindy was accused of allegedly revealing Peniche’s sex tape right, if not, check the video below.

What do you think of the Mindy McCready tape, the woman rumored to be Roger Clemens’ mistress? Leave your thoughts plus see photos and video of Ms. McCready below.

Mindy McCready picMindy McCready picture 1Mindy McCready photo 1


Mindy McCready Video.

Mindy McCready Sex Tape Video Accusation

Photos: Chris Connor, Judy Eddy, www.wenn.com

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