Skin Whitening Cream: Jackson’s Secret

March 29, 2010

On Friday new, search documents were unsealed revealing more information of the former King of Pop’s death. Also revealed were some interesting items found in the former singer’s home. Most interestingly, Benoquin, a skin whitening cream Jackson used, was found in large supply. See below for the full story, as well as pictures and video!

Michael Jackson  3

Sealed by law until his cause of death was confirmed, the search warrant and documentation of Michael’s rented house in Beverly Hills were released on Friday. The coroner’s report confirmed suspicions that MJ was suffering from Vitiligo, a condition that causes patches of the epidermis to lose their pigmentation.

Not wanting to face the stigma, MJ began to “bleach” his unaffected areas years ago with agents such as Benoquin to affect a more normalized appearance. The skin whitening cream Jackson may have used can have numerous adverse side effects ranging from dryness to swelling and peeling. Once the treatment is used, extreme sensitivity to sunlight is to be expected. Not pleasant!

Other more disturbing details emerged with the report as well. Firstly, MJ’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray apparently stopped administering CPR and delayed calling 911 in order to hide drugs in the room. Murray was charged on February 8 with involuntary manslaughter relation to his alleged administering of a powerful combination of sedatives to Michael which eventually led to his death. Murray maintains that the drugs he was trying to hide from the police were the bleaching agents “so that the world wouldn’t find out about it.”

The documents released Friday have been under lock and chain since the beginning of the investigation by request of Detective Daniel Myers. He said:

“Disclosure of this document would compromise my ongoing investigation into the death of the decedent and would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation,”

Do you think that Dr. Murray was trying to hide the skin whitening cream Jackson used?

Don’t miss the pictures and video below!

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Photos:, Adriana M. Barraza, Vince Maher, Lamberts Photography, Daniel Deme

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