Winslet Wedding Ring is Missing

March 29, 2010

No, she didn’t lose it (I don’t think), but the latest photos show Kate Winslet wedding ring-less. She went out on the New York streets with her daughter Mia and her left hand was missing something she had been wearing for seven years. Read more below for details, and see some photos and video of the gorgeous actress.

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About a week and half ago, the actress and director, Sam Mendes, announced that they were going to split, and we don’t really know the reason, but it seems to simply be that they both wanted it mutually. I am sure if there was anything juicy we would know by now, or they are good at keeping things quiet.

What amazes me is that even when a divorce isn’t a huge scandal; it still makes big news because of the popularity of both parties. “She’s an Oscar winner, he’s a huge director, and people are interested in their lives,” senior writer Corynne Steindler explains.

The process must be moving quickly as we have now seen the actress step out without one former valuable piece of jewelry: Kate Winslet’s wedding ring. Popsugar has all the pictures of her walk with a naked ring finger. I don’t think this was anything to go crazy over, it just draws attention to the situation and makes us still so curious about what happened, whether it’s our business or not!

I love the way divorce attorney Sue Moss explains it.

“The reason for all the speculation over the Winslet divorce is simple. When couples say it is ‘entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement,’ it usually isn’t. This is sort of like saying, ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ which virtually always means ‘It’s you.”

The two met in 2001 when they were discussing a theatre project, and have been married since 2003. They have one child together, Joe, and she has a daughter Mia from a previous marriage. Maybe the reason we don’t know the gory details is because the pair is trying to protect the children. Either way, not seeing Kate Winslet’s wedding ring on her is affirmation that the two are officially apart.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation and the secrecy of the “real” reason? Let me know, and check out these pictures and video!

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Photos: M. Barraza, Daniel Deme, Roger Eldemire, Starbux

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