Carmen Ortega: Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend?

March 29, 2010

Carmen Ortega’s name has been all over the web, as she once revealed herself as Reggie Bush’s good friend who allegedly became more, but what does Kim Kardashian think about all this? Keep reading to find out more about Carmen and take a look at her photos and steamy videos below.

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New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush and America’s favorite socialite Kim Kardashian recently broke up again, what was the reason this time? it seems that their work schedules was one, another was their different personalities, while Kim enjoys her time in the spotlight, Reggie is the other way around. But what we didn’t hear at first is Reggie’s alleged affairs with Latin model stripper and escort Carmen Ortega who now resides in Miami where she also is the president of South Beach Exotic Rentals. But did we also hear that Kim was allegedly cheating too? Yes we did hear about some messages Kanye West sent her, messages that Reggie found, but nothing was confirmed, and we are talking about Carmen now so let’s continue.

So as you remember just last year we heard of her and her alleged affair with Reggie that lasted months, months when like Reggie and Carmen were dating someone else, and then her boyfriend and Kim found out so Reggie and Carmen decided to split up and I guess you probably remember that video that was released about at the same time of the Super Bowl where she showed Reggie’s apartment in L.A – some described it as a cheesy version of MTV’s cribs, which as she said once it was not meant to be revealed that day or any other whatsoever, but it was revealed from a former friend which she said was guy friend of hers. What do you think did she revealed it or was her former friend?

But Carmen didn’t just stop there she said she has text messages from Reggie, as well as an alleged sex tape, which she is still not sure if she will reveal. Their alleged affair lasted about four months after they first met at a club in Miami, but the relationship has frequent flyer miles as they would allegedly meet in Miami, L.A or Las Vegas. As for the rumors about her alleged pregnancy with Bush’s baby, she denied them. So and what did Kim Kardashian say when she found out about her? Carmen allegedly said that Kim never got in touch with her or said anything about her instead her girlfriends like Paris Hilton took care of trashing her name.

Carmen’s dad was from Ecuador, that is where her last name comes from, her mom was from Miami and Carmen was born in Chicago on January 30, 1984 so she is 26 years old. Some of her work as a model features appearances in FHM, Maxim, American Curves, Hip Hop, Smooth and Blackmen’s, among others. She has also done some writing from her experience as a columnist for Honey Mag, work that she keeps doing every week. She has also experimented with Radio, on 97.5 in Las Vegas and Shady 45. I once heard radio was for ugly people, but until this day I haven’t met any ugly people who work at the radio, and Carmen is definitely not ugly. Proof of this is that she has been selected to appear in some major music videos like Magic Juan “Baby Come Back”, “Move, Shake, Drop” with Florida, DJ Laz featuring Pitbull and two others from Juelz Santana “Mixing the Medicine” and “Homerun” featuring Lil Wayne.

What do you think? Is Carmen Ortega Reggie Bush’s girlfriend? See her photos and videos below.

Carmen Ortega photo

Carmen Ortega Sexy Video

Carmen Ortega talks about Reggie Bush Video

Carmen Ortega Shows Reggie Bush’s house – Video

Photos: Nikki Nelson, Judy Eddy,

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