Victoria Pendleton: Sexy British Cyclist Wins Gold Medal (Photos, Video)

March 29, 2010

Meet Victoria Pendleton, she is the utterly sexy British Track Cyclist who recently won a gold medal at the World Championships in Copenhagen. Keep reading to know more about this news plus don’t forget to check out some of Victoria Pendleton’s photos and video below.

Victoria Pendleton

Most of you probably remember her by her steamy photo shoot for FHM in the July 2009 edition, yes I give you credit for that she really looked unbelievably, but today we will talk about her latest professional achievement. Well It was a great achievement for all of you to have the chance to see this stunning lady in a magazine that you can look at every time you like, so back to Vicky and her latest gold medal. This made her the most successful female Brit in the World, a title given to Beryl Burton before. Wining eight World medals was not an easy task for Victoria who had to defeat Shuang Go from China and overcome a fall on her second run, but this didn’t stop the hot cyclist from getting back on her bike and conquering the title. On the contrary, as she said, the fall gave her an adrenaline rush. This time England will celebrate with Victoria and not with Chris Hoy; luckily he won his gold on Thursday March 25th; and Lizzie Armistead took the silver.

But for Victoria, wining was a double victory and an honor.

“Only winning gold is good enough because both the world and I have very high expectations of myself and the British riders. The fall was a silly mistake that came about because the corners are much tighter here than (our home track) in Manchester. I wasn’t hurt and it seemed to pump me up to finish the job in the second race. It gave me an adrenalin rush. I’m hugely honored to have surpassed Beryl Burton and unlike last year, when I was in emotional bits after winning this title, I’ve been very relaxed and focused.”

But sadly for her history didn’t repeat itself the next day when she was denied her second gold medal, where evidence clearly showed that she was the one who won instead of Simona Krupeckaite from Lithuania, So why didn’t they change the results?

It seems to be because the athletes where already on their places to receive their medals, at this point there was sadly for Victoria no turning back

“They’ve been quite harsh on people holding their line this week, Somebody is going to have to explain that to me.”

We feel terribly sorry for her, but we still congratulate her for her medals, and for all the many more that awaits her. Take a look at Victoria Pendleton’s photos and video below

Victoria Pendleton photoVictoria Pendleton photosVictoria Pendleton picVictoria Pendleton picsVictoria Pendleton picture

Victoria Pendleton Video

Photos: Steve Searle,

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