Ryan Leaf Pleads Guilty (Biography)

March 27, 2010

Ryan Leaf’s burglary of control substances first became public in 2009, and this year he has pleaded guilty. Would you like to know the rest of that news? What about his career? Keep reading to know his biography plus don’t miss Ryan Leaf’s photos and video below.

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Ryan’s burglary of banned substances charge was first heard on 2009, but Ryan rapidly went into rehab in Canada so he could allegedly postpone his unavoidable arrest. Reportedly, police will be waiting for him as soon as he sets foot on U.S. floors. Ryan is still in Canada, but he has agreed to plead guilty this way he could get away with 10 years probation, $20,000 fine (he already paid $45,000 bond in 2009 in Texas) and his burglary charges will be dropped.

In case you don’t remember about his case, let’s sum it up real quick, okay?

So he was the quarterback coach for West Texas A&M. He was carrying a wrist injury from his NFL years that he never took care of and still give him troubles, and on one alleged occasion he asked one of the players for a pain pill. This action put him on indefinite leave from A & M. Then in May, 2009, when he allegedly showed a bogus medical history to the doctor from the year before so he could get a prescription of hydrocodone (painkiller) certainly the doctors didn’t fall for his med history, so that earned him his first charge. Then one of his A&M players, James Farren, was prescribed with hydrocodone, so what did Leaf do? He broke into James apartment so he could take the painkiller that was earlier prescribed to Farren. At this point Ryan was wanted by Texas authorities.

This same player apparently cared for his former coach as he decided to drop the burglary charges, and will speak to the judge so he can talk Leaf into a consulting and drug testing program.

Like him, and other fans we wish he successfully completes his probation, if that is so, his record will be almost clean, remaining just with his arrest record. After all Ryan Leaf could have been a great NFL quarterback. You don’t know much about his NFL’s years? Not to worry we can help you with that too, as we added a small Ryan’s Leaf biography below.

  • Ryan David Leaf was born in Great Falls, Montana on May 15, 1976, this will make his age 36 years old.
  • He first played football when he went to Charles M. Russell High School.
  • Then he joined his college football team the Cougars at Washington State University.
  • He was on the top places for the Heisman Trophy in 1997.
  • During his college years he was awarded with the Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year, 2nd best in passing efficiency on National ground and made it onto the All- America Team.
  • He was drafted during the 1998 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers where he played until 2000.
  • He suffered a wrist and knee injury in his final year with the Chargers in 2000.
  • He signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but his wrist injury wasn’t helping and surgery was on the map.
  • He refused the surgery, so Tampa offered him a lower salary which he also refused.
  • He was released from Tampa in 2001 and the Dallas Cowboys showed up.
  • He got married to Nicole, a Chargers cheerleader, but divorced a few years later.
  • After failing his med test, he was released from the Cowboys in 2002.
  • So the Seattle Seahawks signed him for one year, and tried to help recover his playing level, but he seemed to be done, and just like that he retired in 2002 at the early age of 26 years old.
  • He returned to Washington State and graduated in 2005 with a degree in Humanities and Arts.
  • In 2006 he started his career as Quarterback coach at West Texas A&M alongside Don Carthel.
  • He quit his coach position on November 2008.
  • Also in 2008 a biographical film on Ryan’s life was rumored to be made by Tim Carr.
  • After his burglary charge he moved to Canada where he still lives and makes a living working in a resort where he “sells corporate packages to VIP clients”.

Take a look at Jerry Leaf’s video below.

Jerry Leaf Video

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