Elijah Alexander’s Death (Biography)

March 26, 2010

Elijah Alexander was a former NFL linebacker for the Buccaneers, Colts and Raiders. He lost his battle with cancer at age 39, his death has left hundreds heartbroken. Keep reading to know more about this news, his life, career plus don’t miss photos plus Elijah Alexander’s video below.

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The terrible news about the death of former NFL’s linebacker Elijah Alexander III in Dallas shattered the world on March 25th, after almost five years after he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma; his death was announced by Bianca Jackson, spokesperson for Medical City Facility in Dallas who said Mr. Alexander passed away on Wednesday night. It was reported that Mr. Alexander was rushed to the hospital on Sunday when he fell into a coma.

Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer in the bone marrow that “affects the production of white cells or plasma cells that help your immune system mostly”. Elijah was diagnosed in 2005, and while he fought his cancer he helped to raise money for the cure of this cancer as well as raise awareness. One year after he was diagnosed with myeloma he founded the Tackle Myeloma Foundation, the foundation’s main mission was to “help to find a cure for myeloma as well as financial research for patients and their families.”

When he was diagnosed with cancer he was 35 years old, but he never gave up. He went into Chemotherapy treatment and then a stem cell transplant. This gained his strength back and he kept on with his work as coach. Not even one single day he looked defeated, his enthusiasm inspired and motivated everyone that met the famous coach Eli, and as for his work of the awareness of cancer. He kept his fight for his cancer and others, especially children. He met with major cancer associations as he experimented a new drug that would replace chemotherapy and its side effects the drug was called REVLIM.

In the latest stage of his cancer Elijah only weighed about 180 pounds. He used to weigh over 200 pounds and he was not able to do most of his daily activities such as eat or sit by himself. Our thoughts and prayers are to his beloved family and friends during this difficult time.

A small biography on Elijah Alfred Alexander III

  • He was born in Fort Worth, Texas on August 2, 1970.
  • His father, Elijah II, and mother Camala Ridley still lives in Texas.
  • He had two siblings – brother Shannon Ridley and sister Cam Michelle, both live in Texas.
  • He began playing football when he was eight.
  • He studied at Kansas State University where he joined its football team “the Wildcats”.
  • As a Wildcat he played defensive end, he was named captain of the team as well during 1988-91 under the lead of coach Bill Snyder.
  • Drafted by the NFL in 1992 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after his performance at the 1991 Senior Bowl.
  • In 1993-95 he signed with the Denver Broncos.
  • From 1996 to 1999 he became an Indianapolis Colt.
  • His last team was the Oakland raiders where he played during 2000-01.
  • His wife is Kimberly Alexander and his children 14 years old Elijah IV and his 12 years old Devon Alexander.

Take a look at Elijah Alexander’s Videos below.

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