Lingerie Football League Players Wearing Too Much? (Photos, Video)

March 25, 2010

As you can imagine the Lingerie Football League is by far the sexiest sport ever, these stunning ladies play hard football wearing the hottest uniforms in history, but what if they wear something extra to avoid accidental nudity? Will any player be punished if they wear too much clothing? Keep reading to know the rest of this news, plus take a look at the photos and video below.

Lingerie Football League

Actually a few months ago we reported a story where a former LFL player was complaining about how directives at the League banned her for wearing any clothing that will avoid the exposure of extra skin, not covering their medical needs, etc. All of these allegations were later clarified by LFL’s Media Director Stephon McMillen, that no such things were true, the players are given special uniforms that will prevent any nudity exposure. If any player wants to wear any extra clothing garments they can’t since it’s no part of their uniform. The complaint was given by an ex-player who wanted to come back to the league and got rejected. But now more news about wearing too much are being published, so what’s the deal about that?

We didn’t waste any time and we searched for all the details to give you all the answers you are searching for, so here you go.

In fact two of the LFL’s best players are being punished for wearing too much, but gear for a photoshoot and another gear that was not authorized by directives, how is that?

Well you see players during the games wear the sexy uniforms, protective gear such as helmets, shoulder pads, elbows and knee pads, all those are great and indispensable for each player, but the rule does not apply if the players are being photographed, perhaps because it will not show the most appealing fact about the LFL. Sure these woman play really well, but let’s be honest the beauty of their bodies in those uniforms is like the primary image that stays in the viewers’ mind, so if they see a magazine cover or any other picture of their players covering too much it won’t be the same. So these stunning ladies pose wearing their gear plus one of them also wore a Nike wristband without any permission. I get the LFL’s point, but it seems a bit harsh to put their top players like Miami Caliente’s receiver Tina Caccavale and quarterback Anonka Dixon on probation, maybe a warning would have done the job.

But weren’t the LFL officials informed about the photoshoot in advance? They allegedly were or so Mr. Mooney said.

But it was not just the wearing too much that got them in trouble, the other thing was that Michael J. Mooney, writer from New Times Magazine, no longer has authorization to cover any events, games “Nada” from the LFL, nor does the Magazine, why? Mr. Mooney allegedly said LFL’s directives like Mike Mortaza was not happy with the article he wrote.

We will see how this whole things ends up, we will keep you informed of any other news, but for the moment why don’t you delight yourselves with the photos and video below.

Lingerie Football League pictures 1Lingerie Football League photo 1Lingerie Football League photos 1 2Lingerie Football League pic 1Lingerie Football League pics 1

Lingerie Football League Video

Photos: Aruna Gilbert,

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