Alexis Pilkington is West Islip Girls Soccer Player

March 25, 2010

Meet Alexis Pilkington, she was the future star of the All Country West Islip Girls Soccer Team, sadly Lexi left us way too soon. Keep reading to know more about her life and her unexpected death plus don’t forget to check out some of Alexis Pilkington’s photos and video below.

Alexis Pilkington

Alexis was the beautiful and very talented soccer player from All Country West Islip, where she also living along with her family. Besides being a soccer midfielder she also played lacrosse. Her outstanding performances took everyone’s attention every single time she played, this 17 years old young lady led her team to win the Long Island High School Soccer Championship. Her energy and dedication to her team and her teammates made her a a true soccer star and was named a soccer referee just recently. She was also a great teammate, remarkable team leader and kind friend, her sudden death left hundreds of fans, friends and especially family heart broken. Lexi, as her friends and family called her, will be missed, but her memory will forever live in the hearts and minds of all those who knew her, for what she really was – a great, sweet and smart girl, who was ecstatic that she graduated earlier than her classmates and who also earned a soccer scholarship, she was leaving to Dowling college soon.

While some sources are saying that Alexis died while she was playing, and her death was been investigated, in recent news we found out that Alexis killed herself in their Long Island Home, her father Thomas Pilkington, who is a 48 year old employee at the New York police department informed during an interview about the real cause of his daughter’s death.

Her death is still being investigated, but so far the cause of death was suicide. You might be wondering what had possibly driven this beautiful, talented young girl to take this decision? It is a little premature to be talking about this, but her father sent a message to all those kids at school who have the tendency to pick on others at their school in other words “Bully” each other. Apparently young Lexi used to receive some alleged harsh and nasty messages on the web, that allegedly created frustration, insecurity and sadness in her life and this problem kept on growing. According to reports, she was in therapy to help her during this sad problem, just before her death her father said she seemed happy and so very excited to go to college this fall, but it looks like her sadness was drowning in the inside and didn’t seem to find a way out, but to take her own life. It was later reported that messages are still being sent on her memorial pages, on Facebook and others. Her funeral will he held on Thursday at Claude R. Boyd / Spencer Funeral Home at 4:00 p.m, and it was reported that her remains will be cremated.

Even sadder is the fact that while her family and friends are mourning over Lexi’s death there are also some hackers without any scruples that are taking her death as a commercial thing.

Our condolences to her family and friends, you are in our thoughts and prayers through this terrible time. Take a look at Alexis Pilkington’s photos and video below.

Alexis Pilkington photo

Alexis Pilkington Video

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