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March 25, 2010

Have you heard the recent rumors about Tim Tebow? No more ads for now, but we are talking about when he was supposedly told to ‘shut the f…k up” when he requested to pray, was he told that or wasn’t? Keep reading to know what really happened plus take a look at the photos and video below.

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As you all know, Florida Gators’ quarterback Tim Tebow is a devoted Christian, his faith in God has been the center of his life as well as his family’s – after all Tim’s parents Pam and Bob Tebow were Christian Missionaries. As a Christian he gives everything he does to God’s honor and glory and always takes time to praise the Lord. Like his family he believes that everything he is and has is part of God’s plan for his life, which is why he prays everyday, and before a game or test is no exception. He was about to start his fifty question, twenty minute test used to test his IQ as well as the resolution to solve problems used by the NFL, called the Wonderlic Personnel Test, along with other NFL prospects. When he asked for some time to pray one of the other guys who was there allegedly told him to ‘shut the F..K up”, but who was that guy?

Unfortunately the name of that individual was not revealed, and only a few moments after this alleged incident happened sources tried to get in touch with Tim to asked him if the incident did or did not happen.

Just recently a source reported that they were able to get in touch with Tebow, and asked him about that, and here’s what he answered:

"Not one single word of it is true, one of the number one things for me is being someone of character and when I say something people can take it to the bank. That story is absolutely not true." said Tim Tebow.

But he also added that he didn’t ask anyone to pray whatsoever, in fact he only talked to one of the 100 NFL prospects who were at the Scouting Combine to take the test.

So there you go, Tim didn’t ask for any time to pray so nobody told him to “shut the F…k up”, and putting this whole thing aside, Tim is expected to be at the top of the list at the NFL 1st round pick. Meanwhile take a look at Tim Tebow’s photos and video below.

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Tim Tebow Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Craig ONeal, Jameskpoole

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