Joslyn James Reveals New Text from Tiger’s Employee (Video)

March 24, 2010

Joslyn James, porn star and Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress who had become famous overnight for her overrated text messages, is ready to fire up another bomb on Tigerland. Would you like to know what she revealed this time? Then keep reading and don’t forget to take a look at the photos and video below.

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For Tiger Woods, the consequences with his alleged affairs are not even nearing an end, just earlier this month we first found out about his second alleged porn star mistress, Joslyn James, and all kind of things about her, from her xxx-rated movies to her name on the most wanted list in Washington State. But what did she later do? Sure you all remember her controversial revelations of over a hundred of Tiger’s most explicit and scandalous text messages, if that wasn’t enough then she said that she indeed had more text messages and she will be revealing them soon.

But soon has finally come. Just recently when she revealed new text messages, this time they were not from Tiger per say, but they were from his long time friend and employee Bryon Bell.

The first message sent by Bryon on April 29, 2007 called her by her pseudo name Veronica, allegedly informing her of all the details of her flight itinerary from Las Vegas to Charlotte. The next one sent on May 2nd was allegedly her itinerary back to Las Vegas plus her transportation info from the airport.

It looks like someone did know what was going on with the alleged Tiger Woods affairs, since it was Bryon who sent Joslyn her flight itinerary or as he would allegedly call her Veronica Daniels. Joslyn also said she allegedly met Tiger’s caddy Steve Williams, but he denied it. As for Bryon maybe you probably remember Joslyn was not the first mistress whose flight itinerary was allegedly sent by Mr. Bell.

Take a look at the photos and video below.

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Joslyn James Text Messages Video

Joslyn James Radio interview Video

Photos: Daniel Deme, Judy Eddy, Carrie Devorah,

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