Devon James: Tiger Woods Latest Alleged Mistress?

March 24, 2010

Meet Devon James, Tiger Woods’ latest alleged Porn Star Mistress. Yes another Adult video entertainer dashes out of Tiger’s life. Would you like to know more about her? Keep reading to learn more details about her and don’t miss Devon James’ photos and video below.

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So another Porn star huh? This is not going to sit well with Tiger’s marriage. Elin is already really upset about him sleeping with porn stars, and Devon is going to make for the third porn star. Along side Joslyn James and Holly Sampson and she will be number fifteen on the list of alleged mistresses.

James is an adult entertainer in Tampa, Florida. She allegedly said she had an affair with the famous golfer for over two and a half years from 2006 to 2008. She went on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show to make herself and her affair public on March 23rd.

Devon in twenty nine years old, and said that she met Tiger when he allegedly called her and another friend for a little threesome action, while watching x- rated movies, services for which he paid about $4,000, $2.000 each.

She describes her sex encounter with Tiger as dirty and how he liked to be in charge, although they didn’t exchange many words on their first encounter, they did the next time and what they shared during that time will totally make Elin very angry, disappointed and awfully sad.

Devon said that Tiger allegedly told her how his wife didn’t want to have sex very often – this is gonna cost Tiger big time! Even if he wasn’t getting the amount of sex he preferred, there is no excuse for all these affairs. And to reveal things about his wife with these women, is so low of him, if it is true!

She added that he sent her many text messages, as he did with the other James mistress, and if someones need proof about this, then she can show her phone records.

And you know the worst part or the irony – this new mistress said that she didn’t come forward in the beginning, because she felt bad for him. Well, it is for sure that she is not feeling the least bad for him anymore.

Elin has proven she was right when she said that she expected more mistresses and more nasty details about her husband’s affair to come public, Devon James is the proof of Elin’s theory.

Take a look at the photos and at the Devon James’ video below.

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Devon James Video.

Photos: Daniel Deme, Adriana M. Barraza,

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