Schindler’s List For Sale

March 24, 2010

Oscar Schindler’s list for sale? And not a DVD of the movie directed by Steven Spielberg, but apparently the last privately owned document of its kind. See more details including a video below.

Schindler Grave

A New York dealer, Gary Zimet, is asking $2.2 million for a 14 page list that is said to have been penned by the World War 2 industrialist. He represents the anonymous owner, and after some people have looked into the legitimacy of the item, it seems to be an interesting deal.

During the war Oscar saved over 1,000 lives by employing Jewish people in his factories. Over time he made about 10 lists of employees, with their details, and sent them to the government. They were made even more popular but the book and 1993 movie. Other than talking about those, I would never have expected to see “Schindler’s List”: For Sale!

According to Zimet, there were maybe 7 different versions and that the whereabouts of four others are known. An ABC News article reports that there is one in the US Holocaust Museum, one is in the German Federal archives in Koblenz, and the other two are in Israel at the Yad Vashem Museum.

It’s the only one remaining in private hands,” said historic document sales specialist Gary Zimet, and is “arguably the most important World War II document”.

Apparently this list was kept in the family of Itzhak Stern, accountant of the philanthropist for 55 years before it was sold to the current owner. Now, one could wonder about the authenticity of the list, but professor at Elon College in North Carolina, David Crowe, who is an expert on the man has seen pictures and says it could very well be real.

“The Nazis were fanatical about keeping records, new lists were constantly being made,” he said.

I guess if any of us want to get a better look at it we will have to go to the “Schindler’s List”: For Sale website and buy it. This sale is first come first serve, and is not in auction format.

What do you think about all this? Let me know, and check out this news video about the story.

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