NCAA Mascots: Top Ten Menacing

March 24, 2010

In a world of big fluffy teddy bears and puffy oranges strut that the sidelines and represent their respective teams, there are ten team ambassadors that stand above the rest. The ten most menacing NCAA Mascots according to MSN. Get the list below, as well as pictures and video!


With March Madness well under way, some of the top ten below have already been dethroned, despite their menacing representatives (click the links for photos). Starting at number 10…

10. Xavier Musketeers – Rounding out the ten is D’Artagnan, the swashbuckling musketeer of Xavier. He is both iconic and creepy looking, and has a side-kick to boot! The Blue Blob is just that, it has no special abilities, but just having a side-kick is menacing enough. Xavier is alive and fighting in the tournament.

9. Saint Mary’s Gaels- Second on our list is Gael Force One of St. Mary’s. This imposing giant stands 10 feet tall! No doubt intimidating for the opposing team, I’m not sure how he manages not to block the view of half the stadium. Saint Mary’s has made it through so far.

8. Texas A&M Aggies- The Aggies’ menacing might is… Lassie? Not even close. While seemingly cute and cuddly, this highly trained pup, named Reveille, is the highest-ranking cadet on Texas A&M’s campus. Don’t mess with that dog. Even with Reveille on the sideline, the Aggies lost to Purdue and are out of the Tournament.

7. Wake Forest Demon Deacons- The Deacon is the ambassador for Wake Forest, and a strange one at that. A devilish holy man? Yes, crazy indeed. And above all others, the Demon Deacon lives up to his name. His crazy antics are renowned throughout the NCAA, doing everything from climbing a chapel to knocking himself unconscious after smashing his head into a Gatorade container! The wacko deacon couldn’t keep Wake Forest from losing to Kentucky though.

6. Duke Blue Devils- One of the more silly looking NCAA Mascots, the Blue Devil earns it’s respect for it’s name sake. It was named after an elite unit of highly trained mountain soldiers, who must have been considerably awesome to earn the name Blue Devils. Duke is proving to be considerably awesome as well, continuing their march in March.

5. UTEP Miners- This big burly Texan is menacing for two reasons, the first is that he carries around a giant pick axe. Yes, scary. Secondly, he looks like a giant Burt Reynolds. Awesome. UTEP couldn’t dig their way through the tournament though, losing to Butler.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish- The Fighting Irish are iconic among the NCAA, and the idea stirs up images of a character like Mikey from the movie Snatch, or Irish-American Forrest Griffin of the UFC. Unfortunately the luck of the Irish has run out, as they lost to Old Dominion earlier in the tournament.

3. Purdue Boilermakers- No matter how you look at it, a boilermaker is a menacing thing. One way it’s a blacksmith with a giant sledge hammer, the other way it’s a seriously potent drink. Both could spell your undoing in short order. Purdue is still fighting, and has made the Sweet 16.

2. Richmond Spiders- Nobody likes spiders. Richmond knew this and capitalized on it, making their sideline ambassador a venomous red beastie. Unfortunately, there’s no cool way to make a human with 8 legs, so this one only has four limbs, but still manages to look creepy. Richmond failed to capitalize and is out of the tournament.

1. Maryland Terrapins- When thinking of the word menacing, “turtle” is not the first thing to come to mind. Well think again, the Maryland’s iconic Terrapin has inspired the catchphrase “fear the turtle” and some say his powers were responsible for shutting down JFK for hours as it was overrun with mini-terrapins in July of 2009. It doesn’t get more awesome than that. Maryland lost a heart breaker and is out of the Sweet 16.

That’s your top 10 most menacing NCAA Mascots according to MSN. Disagree? Let me know in the comment section!

Also, check out the video below!


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