Elin Nordegren Masters Appearance? (Photos, Video)

March 24, 2010

Many people are starting to ask themselves if Elin Nordegren will join her famous husband on his anticipated comeback to golf during the Masters, will she be there? Keep reading to know this full story plus take a look at Elin Nordegren’s photos and video below.

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As you all know Tiger Woods announced his return to golf at the Masters next month. We all found out that Elin and Tiger were living together again, so we were wondering if she was going to be at the Masters with him? Sources are rumoring that Elin won’t be at the Masters, instead she is planning to travel to Sweden along her two children Sam and Charlie, but why? Did the text messages that Joslyn James revealed have something to do with her decision?

That is uncertain and she has been spotted still without her wedding ring. A source said that Elin allegedly believes that Tiger is more focused on getting his career back instead of his family. Certainly her husband’s affairs are still making the news and is totally disturbing her even more what with that thing about Tiger’s alleged mistress Joslyn James, a porn star and who got pregnant twice by him.

It was rumored that they had a big fight over the weekend and Elin took her kids to their yacht, will this be the end of their marriage? She was spotted having a great time with her two adorable kids, going away for the weekend just the three of them, and basically focusing entirely on them, and it is because of them that she made her decision to skip the Masters, and keep her kids away from all the media craziness that for sure will go overload on that day. It definitely seems like the smartest decision plus it is no secret that her decision to give her marriage another try was mostly because of the couple’s children.

"Elin is going through the motions of family life only to keep the children well grounded, she suffered through the pain of her parents divorcing and doesn’t want to do that to her kids. But she is not happy in the marriage. The trust is gone; Elin wants to stay away from Augusta and not get involved in the frenzy of the Masters. By not going, she sends a signal that she is staying with Tiger only because of the children. They come first."

Take a look at Elin Nordegren photos and video below.

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Elin Nordegren Video.

Tiger Woods Return Video

Photos: Brian McEvoy, Carrie Devorah, www.wenn.com

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