Mark Ingram Sr.: Mark Ingram Jr.’s Father (Video)

March 23, 2010

Meet Mark Ingram, Sr. He is the retired football player from the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Miami Dolphins. He is also the father of Alabama University Crimson Tide’s Mark Ingram Jr. Would you like to hear more about his life, career, crimes, life in jail and latest sentence? Then keep reading and check out photos and Mark Ingram’s video below.

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You might not know him from his years in football like you probably do for his controversial legal problems. His problems with the law started back in 2001 when he was charged with money laundering and was sentenced to six months in jail in Miami. Then again in 2004 he went to jail for one year after he confessed that he stole a credit card. In 2007 he was charged with stealing a purse, but the charges were dropped later due to lack of evidence, and in 2008 he had to serve over 7 years in jail that were later turned to a five year probation sentence plus was fined $252.000. He was supposed to turn himself in in December 2008, but he didn’t show up.

Later on in January he was arrested, but why didn’t he show up before? Mark Sr. said he wanted to see his son play at the 2009 Sugar Bowl for the last time. Due to this he received 92 months more in jail.

Now let’s skip to his life and career. Mark J. Ingram was born on August 23, 1965 in Rockford, Illinois. He went to Flint Northwestern High School where he started playing football. Although he was a wide receiver he started as a quarterback at Flint High, so when did he change his playing position? It was when he went to Michigan State University. He was drafted by the NFL in 1987.

His professional career with the NFL started when he was picked by the New York Giants in the 1987 draft, his most memorable play as a Giant was at the Super Bowl XXV in 1991 at Tampa – the Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19, but it was Mark’s playing skills that served as an instrument that accomplished the victory. He was released from the Giants the next year. His next team would be the Miami Dolphins where he played during 1993 until 1994. He stayed for one year with the Green Bay Packers until he retired in 1996 as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. As for his personal life we know that he got married to Shonda Ingram and on December 21, 1989 in Hasenbeck, New Jersey they welcomed their son Mark Ingram Jr, who would end up being the University of Alabama’s running back and who gave Alabama their first Heisman Trophy in 2009. Ironically while his son was tasting the glory, his father also tasted shame and failure.

Take a look at Mark Ingram’s photos and video below.

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Mark Ingram Video.

Mark Ingram Sr. Jail Video.

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