Chad Ochocinco Gets Closer To Pamela Anderson and Cheryl Burke

March 23, 2010

What are the latest rumors about DWTS’ guest dancers? Who is getting too close to whom? Is it a former Baywatch babe and an awesome football player? What about his utterly hot partner? Keep reading to know this full story plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

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Is Pamela Anderson in the quest for a new romance? Or is it Chad who is after Pamela? Well maybe he is like any other guy in the world who totally drools over the gorgeous C.J Parker, but really they are just good friends or starting to be since they share the stage on the tenth season of Dancing With The Stars.

But are they getting closer? For a perfect picture moment, maybe they are. As for the many in Chad’s collection where he posed with many famous people like British soccer hottie David Beckham, he must be adding some very interesting pictures to his collection now. If your are counting the one with the sexy Pamela, and what about his dancing? He and the stunning Cheryl Burke seem to be having a great time and doing really well with the judges, most people never imagine he would be any good on the stage, what is his technique? Getting in touch with his feminine side! It might sound a little sissy but if he wants to work those hips he gotta get down to it. And Chad is definitely on the right track.

For the Cincinnati Bengals’ player, the chance to dance on DWTS was unique and great training, one in which he didn’t have to be naked like his naked workout session at the park, and unique since in difference with his upcoming appearance on a VH1 dating show, here he doesn’t have to struggle to be close to a beautiful woman and there are no strings attached either like what probably can happen on a dating game.

Take a look at the photos and video below.

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Chad Ochocinco Video

Photos: Aruna Gilbert, Hugh Dillon, C.M Wiggins, FayesVision, Apega,

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