Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend Fighting on Twitter

March 22, 2010

What’s going on Jose Canseco’s Twitter page now? More details about his book? Does this concern his girlfriend? Who is she? Keep reading to know all the details about this news plus take a look at the photos and video below.

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So Jose Canseco’s Twitter account once again, is that right? Luckily this time is was not about him wanting to show everyone he is a kick butt MMA fighter who he thinks is the really bad boy in the sports industry. Also, more details on his third book while on the toilet, I wonder if he get his ideas from that location, what will be the title of that book? Any comments? I have a few ideas of my own, but i can’t wait to hear yours.

Now It was actually José’s Girlfriend who was giving readers some interesting material on Twitter, what do you expect when she begins tweeting by saying "This is Jose’s girlfriend and everyone should know that he is a DICK." Okay, we wonder why is that? But just after her statement another came up about nine minutes later, not by her though “Don’t worry little sweetie its not a prank.” and then a third one another nine or so minutes later ” I need ideas on how to make my girlfriend not mad at me!” This really makes us wonder who is this mysterious girlfriend? His last girlfriend we knew of was Heidi Northcott, but she is now with Chuck Liddell, or is it possible that there is no girlfriend and it’s just a prank or Jose himself wrote those as a call for attention, what do you think?

Last time we heard from him was on the Mark McGuire steroids use issue, and let’s not forget his hurtful debut in the MMA Fight when he was brutally beaten by Hong Man Choi from South Korea, he defeated Jose in the first round by a knockout exactly when the clock marked 1 minute and 17 seconds.

Take a look at Jose Canseco’s photos and video below.

Jose Canseco PhotoJose Canseco PicJose Canseco Picture

Jose Canseco Video

Photos: Judy Eddy, Digital Creations, FayesVision, Rachel Worth,

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2 Responses to “Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend Fighting on Twitter”

  1. 1
    Carlie Says:

    I’ll be retweeting this

  2. 2
    Anon Says:

    His girlfriend’s name is Leila. She is a stunning fitness model.