Tiger Woods and Ari Fleischer Spilt

March 22, 2010

Who is Ari Fleischer? Another Alleged affair? Or a business partner? Keep reading to know all about this short term relationship in Tiger Woods’ life plus take a look at the photos and video below.

Ari Fleischer

Not so long ago we heard about Tiger Woods’ comeback – first in March at the Arnold Palmer, but then it was not in March that he would be back, but April at the Masters. But Tiger wasn’t planning an ordinary comeback, he wanted to do it in style per say, that’s why he hired the former White House Press Secretary during the George W. Bush administration, Ari Fleischer. No, he’s not another alleged affair, but a business partner, that was until recently when Mr. Fleischer left Tiger on his own to plan his dreamy comeback. Some people thought that this decision was not very clever.

But first of all how was exactly Tiger going to use Ari’s services for his return to golf? Well that is rather uncertain. We only know that Ari was hired by Tiger to plan the best strategy to get him back with the PGA after all of his controversial alleged affairs that affected his personal and public life.

Ari never really confirmed he was on Tiger’s team until now. He said he is out of the Woods’ team, but what happened, does Sunday’s mini interview have something to do with it? He hasn’t mentioned the interview as the main reason to quit on Tiger, what he allegedly said was that "his very presence gave the impression that Woods was being stage-managed in his return to the public eye."

Some people are rumoring that Tiger’s scandals are so overwhelming that perhaps he doesn’t think he can quite help his image in golf. Could it be that Joslyn James’ text messages and the fact that she said that she has even more messages that she will be revealing soon was Ari’s wake up call?

Nothing has been 100 % confirmed, so we will have to wait and see what was behind Ari’s Fleischer’s decision to split his new alliance with the famous golfer Tiger Woods.

Take a look at some photos and video below.

Ari Fleischer Video

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