Tiger Woods ESPN Interview Video: ‘Disgusting Behavior’

March 22, 2010

Yesterday we were able to see the Tiger Woods ESPN Interview. Video of this kind is the first we have seen from him since the beginning of the scandal. See more below about how this interview differed from his conference last month, and don’t miss pictures and the ESPN video.

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Last month we finally saw the golf pro in the public eye reacting to his incident. It was under his very strict terms, and didn’t really please too many. Now he has given his first one on one talks with ESPN and the Golf Channel. Continue to read all the details!

This interview was quite a bit different than the last one, which got all kinds of reactions. Some found it sincere, and some thought it was overdone and wouldn’t really help. And of course we all remember how restricted the conference was.

This time the only stipulation with the Tiger Woods ESPN interview was that it could only be 5 minutes, but the questions were free game. He talked about how difficult the past few months have been and how facing his actions have been hard on those closest to him. One question dealt with the number of affairs and Woods answered it in a clever way:

“Well, just one is enough. And obviously that wasn’t the case, and I’ve made my mistakes. And as I’ve said, I’ve hurt so many people, and so many people I have to make an amends to.”

On the Golf Channel he talked about the fact that he was able to keep the affairs quiet and that he knew it would be disappointing to his late father and others when they found out.

I believe we can all assume that the athlete has been given a lot of criticism for his acts and I think he is understanding the full consequences of his actions. This Tiger Woods ESPN interview shows us a little more of that side. I also think it was a wise decision to not actually return this week, but to break the ice with interviews.

Tell me your reactions to this and take a look at the photos and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com Apega, Judy Eddy, PNP, Carrie Devorah

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