Joslyn James: Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

March 21, 2010

Meet Joslyn James, she is Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress, whom we heard before and who lately revealed some explicit text messages from Tiger. Do you want to know more about her, keep reading get to know her more plus check out Joslyn James’ photos and video below.

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You all know who Joslyn is, we just heard some statements she made just this week, remember? Those controversial text messages she got from Tiger, she also said she allegedly got pregnant with his baby twice. In her first pregnancy she had a miscarriage and she allegedly had an abortion with the second one. God knows what other statements she will be revealing soon.

The first time we heard about this porn star was when she turned out to be Tiger’s alleged mistress number eleven and second mistress involved in the adult video industry. The first was Holly Sampson. The next time we heard from Joslyn was when she was furious about those Tiger Woods themed golf balls and along with her attorney Gloria Allred, demanded an apology from Tiger after his press conference. Plus did you know that she has a 10 year old kid whom she is supposed to give $622 for child support and allegedly she hasn’t paid so she now owes over $12,000 and now is wanted by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services in the state of Washington, remember that?

Well Joslyn’s real name is Veronica Siwik Daniels and she was born in Adirondack, New York on November 22, 1977. She is 5’4” and weighs 116 pounds. Her measurements are 34-25-35 and her cup size is 34DD. She has many tattoos as well. She went to Stephens College in Columbia, Ohio where she got her degree in Performing Arts in 1997.

Besides her career in the adult industry in which she has appeared in over 16 porn movies, she has also appeared in magazines, promotional events and television like: Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Elimi Date, Dr. 902010, Sin City Diaries, Gene Simmons Reality Show, Las Vegas Weekly, 944 Magazine, Hustler, Playboy Online, inside Edition etc.

Besides revealing text messages and being an alleged mistress, she got involved in fashion and is currently working on her own swimsuit line.

Take a look at Joslyn James’ videos below.

Joslyn James Interview Video

Joslyn James Video

Photos: Daniel Deme,

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