Obama Molson Beer Hockey Bet

March 21, 2010

The Olympics were a unique opportunity to try some new foreign relations tactics with our closest neighbors for President Obama, Molson Beer Hockey Betting being one of them. Now, with the games over and done, at least we know The President isn’t a sore loser. See below for the full story as well as pictures!

Barrack Obama 1

US Ambassador to Canada, David Johnson, delivered a 24 pack of the Canadian beer to Prime Minister Harper from The U.S. President Friday morning. Also included was a case of Yuengling, the beer The President would have chosen had he won.

The wager was made on the men’s hockey final between the U.S. and Canada, a thrilling final that went to overtime before the win. For Obama, Molson Beer hockey betting was the perfect way to add a down to earth feel to an already exciting event. Delivering the beer, Johnson congratulated the Canadian people on their hosting of the Olympic Games

“They were great, the athletes were great and the spirit and hospitality were great to my people and around the world,”

PM Harper replied:

“David, you guys always fulfill your promises to us, and we appreciate it,”

Strangely, the Prime Minister also said that he would donate the cases of beer to the Hockey Hall of Fame. What a waste!

It turns out that the heads of state weren’t the only ones calming their nerves before the big game though, Team Canada’s Brendan Fisher and Ronan Mackey also couldn’t stand the pressure. But instead of making wagers, they played a pickup game of hockey outside the arena. Before long, two officers approached and said:

“We’re going to have to shut this down…unless we can play.”

You have to love the Canadian spirit when it comes to sports! Well the wager has been settled and the Hockey Hall of Fame is 48 beers richer. Nothing like some good old fashioned gambling to unite our national leaders. What do you think of the Obama Molson Beer Hockey Bet? Let me know in the comments section!

Also, don’t miss the pictures below!

Barrack Obama.1Barrack Obama.2Barrack Obama.3Barrack Obama.4Barrack Obama.4Barrack Obama.5Barrack Obama.6

Photos: www.wenn.com
White House Official Photographer/WENN

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