P. Diddy: British Soccer Team Owner, Yes Or No?

March 19, 2010

Have you heard the latest rumors about our dear P. Diddy, aka Sean John Combs? This has nothing to do with his twitter account, so have you? Want to know? Then keep reading to know about these alleged rumors plus take a look at some of P. Diddy’s photos and video below.

P Diddy

Yeah all right I’ll tell you about the one on his twitter account first, in case you didn’t know. It was on January 3rd that he announced via twitter that he got married to his on/off beautiful girlfriend Kim Porter, although he denied it a couple of hours later. Rumors about their so-called wedding continued.

And now with the news about Diddy, he wants to follow Michael Jordan’s steps and become the owner of a sports team – in his case a British soccer team, who is currently near bankruptcy and might need some of his help with the millions. When someone asked Diddy why was he interested in buying the Crystal Palace, he allegedly said that he likes the name, but it might be that with that eye he has in business he knows he can get really lucky I mean $$$ lucky with his new investment, and sure the name is catchy especially if you like your “bling” on every aspect that surround you.

"Diddy was in London meeting football fixers a couple of weeks ago. The finance is in place, he’s just deciding who he thinks he’ll make a bid for.

"Portsmouth were mentioned but he thought Palace were a better idea.

"He could cover their debt and bankroll a return to the Premier League. He liked the name as well."

So he allegedly made his bid of £360million, and why do we keep saying alleged, because it was a rumor and that he never has even got in touch with anyone at Crystal Palace, nor Diddy, or anyone at Bad Boys inc. In fact Brendan Guifoyle, Crystal Palace administrator even laughed when he heard about that, but he added:

‘There is no truth in it whatsoever, I wish,’ said Guilfoyle. ‘I am a big hip-hop fan and I would be delighted if P. Diddy wanted to buy Crystal Palace. I would welcome an approach and would willingly fly to New York to discuss purchase.’

So sorry to get you excited about this rumor, that in fact it turned out to be just that, a rumor, but you can check out some of P. Diddy’s photos and video below.

P Diddy photoP Diddy photosP Diddy pictureP Diddy pictures

P. Diddy Video

Photos: PNP, Judy Eddy, www.wenn.com

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