Pau Gasol and his Girlfriend Stalked by Spanish Paparazzi?

March 18, 2010

As you all know Pau Gasol is the 7’0” Spanish Basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. What are some of the latest news about this super tall athlete? Has he been stalked by paparazzi? Was he with his girlfriend? How did they catch them? Keep reading to know the rest of this news plus take a look at Pau Gasol’s photos and videos below.

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With that height it is easy for anyone to spot him at any distance and even more if you are using some zoom lenses on your camera like the case of paparazzi, but what makes the difference is when some paparazzi find by chance any celebrity, take the picture and go, or wait for them to take their picture. But what happens when that paparazzi begin to follow that celebrity everywhere they go to the point that it gets frightening? That sure would be really uncomfortable and scary, and this was what Pau experienced just recently.

He reported to the Redondo Beach police that he saw two men who followed him on Wednesday, he called a friend looking for an advice on what to do, because he thought they could be stalkers, so his friend suggested to stop at the police station. He described the men’s black car who eventually got pulled over by the police and surprise, surprise, they were not stalkers but Spanish paparazzi, who worked at a Spanish News Agency hired to take pictures of the famous basketball player, who were later permitted to leave and Pau was escorted by police to his house.

We wonder why would they bother to cross an ocean to take his pictures, sure he is super famous in Spain, he is in the U.S. too, after all he is an incredible Lakers player, but what might have called the media recently was his latest romantic relationship with Silvia Lopez, who is she? Well she is Pau’s girlfriend and she is one of the Dream Cheer’s Cheerleaders who dances at the Barcelona basketball halftime games in Spain. They allegedly met last summer and started dating ever since. She is 21 years old and several inches smaller that Pau, she is from Barcelona and her family heritage comes from Cataluña. She has 2 older sisters. She recently moved in with him in his Manhattan Beach home in California, where she is studying nutrition, she already got her degree in physical education in Spain, now knowing this plus the fact of who he is, it is understandable the trouble they got into to take his or their picture, but it still doesn’t justify they getting the Spanish athlete and t.v star scared. Wait a second t.v star? Well yeah don’t you remember that he would make an appearance on CSI Miami.

Take a look at Pau Gasol’s photos and video below.

Pau Gasol pictures 1 2Pau Gasol photo 1Pau Gasol pic 1

Pau Gasol Video

Pau Gasol’s Girlfriend Video


Photos:, Keith Allison, Jonathan Powell

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