Green Bay Packers Spencer Havner’s Crash (Biography)

March 18, 2010

Have you heard the news about Green Bay Packers’ linebacker and Tight End Spencer Havner? Why was he arrested? Keep reading to know all the details about this news plus take a look at Spencer Havner’s photos and video below.

Spencer Havner

For Spencer, Monday night didn’t end up as he expected, after he crashed his motorcycle around 2:25 a.m in Grass Valley on private property, he suffered minor injuries like the fracture on his shoulder blade and some scratches on his face and the back on his head since he was not wearing a helmet. At first some media reported that he had suffered some major injuries and that even he could even lose a lot of time off the field. His rep cleared up those false statements.

But is it not a law to wear a helmet in California? Well yes it is, but since he was riding his bike without his helmet on private property the law does not apply.

But this was not why he was arrested, Spencer was allegedly driving drunk, or so did the Sutter Roseville Medical Center found out; and was later reported by the spokesperson of the Grass Valley California Highway Patrol.

"There was a smell of alcohol, he was babbling somewhat and the on-site investigating officer determined that he was under the influence of alcohol. The subject couldn’t remember what happened or falling off."

Because of his injuries it was difficult to take a sobriety test, although police officers suspect that if he was tested his alcohol level will be over 0.08.

So was he arrested or not? Nope he wasn’t arrested, first because of his injuries and second because his case is yet to be revised by the Nevada County District, but we can be sure sometime around next week.

What did the Green Bay Packers have to say about this whole thing? As for the them they told the media they still haven’t talked to Havner about this incident. As fo his former coach from Nevada Union at Grass Valley he said that he hopes he recover shortly from his injuries and that he has always been a great “solid guy.”

A Small Biography about Spencer Havner

  • He was born in Grass Valley, California on February 3, 1983.
  • He started playing football since he was at Nevada Union High.
  • He kept playing while he was at college at UCLA.
  • He was drafted by the Washington Redskins in 2006, but he was released that same year.
  • His nickname is Duct tape.
  • He was drafted once again by the NFL’s Green Bay Packers in 2008.

Take a look at some of Spencer Havner’s photos and video below.

Spencer Havner photo

Spencer Havner Video

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