Kirsty Gallacher: Scottish Sports Reporter

March 18, 2010

Get this?! Someone saying they didn’t have an affair with Tiger Woods. The latest gossip is that Kirsty Gallacher, a Scottish sports reporter has had inappropriate relations with him. The TV personality denies, however, that a fling ever happened between the two. See more below, with more photos and videos.

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As rumors are flying around about a possible porn star mistress, Joslyn James, a childhood friend of the golf star is upset of being accused of being involved sexually. “It was all speculation and it was incorrect.”

So who is Kirsty Gallacher? This gorgeous Scottish reporter, age 34, has been working in TV since she finished school at London College of Fashion, with a degree in journalism and promotion. As well as being on several shows, she has also done some magazine modeling.

As far as her personal life, she is engaged to Paul Sampson and the two plan on tying the knot in July 2010. The couple has one son, Oscar, who is three and they just had their second boy, Jude, in January. With all this going on she doesn’t need to be worried about a sex scandal as well.

She is obviously offended to have to answer questions about a forged relationship with Tiger, but she seems pretty confident in her explanation.

“I knew I was being talked about and that’s why lawyers were involved. But what you do in this job is you get quite strong because you know things will come at you. And I’ve always had the support of family and friends. We’ve all had the rubbish thrown at us but you deal with it.”

No one knows if Kirsty Gallacher has spoken with Woods, but if it were me I’d be talking to someone about this! The saga that has been going on since November of last year is something I would never want to be associated with!

Check out more pictures and video clips of the Scottish sports reporter!

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Photos: Vince Maher, Lia Toby

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