Rangers manager & Cocaine Test Positive

March 18, 2010

Another report of substance abuse in Major League Baseball, but this time not what you’d think. Sports Illustrated has released news that Texas’ Ron Washington tested positive for a banned substance during last season. Before the random drug test in 2009, there was not even a hint linking the Rangers manager & cocaine use, which is why it came as such a surprise to his team.

Ron Washington

If there’s a lesson to be taken from Washington, it’s how to apologize the right way. In an unprecedented move, Washington called the commissioner’s office and team manager and told them about his use and possible failure of the test before the results came back. He offered a genuine and thorough apology and offered to resign. For the full story and video of his apology, continue reading below!

“I made a grave mistake,” said Washington, who offered his resignation last July. “I brought shame to my family. I hurt a lot of people. I hurt myself. If I could take it back, I would.”

Both the commissioner and team manager, Nolan Ryan, rejected the resignation offer of the Rangers Manager, & cocaine rehab and a tight testing schedule were mandated instead to treat his drug habit. Having already admitted himself to the MLB’s drug assistance program, Washington made every impression that he was committed to a full recovery. Texas general manager Jon Daniels told SI.com on Tuesday night:

“Despite the disappointment, we felt that supporting Ron was the right thing to do. We asked a lot of questions and worked through Major League Baseball’s program, where Ron had appropriate consultation, support and testing. But for all the reasons we hired him in the first place, we felt and continued to feel that he’s the right guy to lead the club. He made a significant mistake. He also admitted to it and took steps to ensure that it won’t happen again.”

We all do stupid stuff. Hopefully Washington’s character is as solid as his team says it is, and he can stay clean from here on out! What do you think of the Rangers Manager & cocaine use? Should he still be in baseball?

Don’t miss the video below!

Photo: Wikipedia.org/ Cacophony

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