Beckham and Crutches May Be End of World Cup Hopes

March 17, 2010

Walking out of his hotel in Milan Monday, heading to surgery, Beckham and crutches under his arms gives a sad impression that his hope of participating in a fourth World Cup may be over. Recovery should be about six months, but even after that a return is uncertain. Read more below, including more photos and video.

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After playing in America for 3 years, David returned to Europe to play for AC Milan. Unfortunately in the win on Sunday against Chievo he may have played his last game as he tore his Achilles tendon. He says he will try to come back, and I guess only time will tell.

You hate to see someone fighting hard to reach another milestone before they retire on their own terms, to possibly be taken out due to a terrible injury. We have seen this tragedy many times before, and many fear that’s what will happen with this soccer star.

Career achievements and stellar performances have always been something to lean on for Beckham, and crutches, unfortunately, are the main thing supporting him now. He will sure need a lot work to get back on the field. According to an ESPN article, a recent study showed that only one third of NFL players with Achilles injuries return to the sport. And as they also said, most football players don’t run around as much as soccer athletes.

There may be a lot of drama surrounding the star, but can you deny that he plays hard and is dedicated to his sport? But, with the World Cup coming up before his recovery is complete, the England club will have to adjust without him. Their coach, Coach Fabio Capello was most certainly looking forward to this player returning, and it will be interesting to see how things unfold.

We wish you the best Beckham, and crutches are only temporary. Whether you make it to the field again or not, hopefully the recovery goes well! Check out more photos and a video of the injury below.

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Photos: Brengola-Diena, DB, Michael Wright

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