Joannie Rochette & Tribute for Mom

March 17, 2010

After a roller coaster of a ride through the Olympics, we take a look at what lies ahead for the Canadian bronze medalist in womens figure skating. Though they initially tried to stop it, appearing on the ABC show, the performance by Joannie Rochette & tribute for her mom will happen.

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Two days before her daughter would perform, Therese, age 55, died of a sudden heart attack. The athlete decided to still compete, in her mother’s honor. Now that the game are over, she is a little tired and won’t be going to the World Championships starting soon, but does have some other plans. Continue for more details, including photos and a video!

I don’t know how she did it, but I know no one will ever forget Joannie Rochette’s tribute to her mom’s memory as she performed and brought home a bronze medal. I was also impressed to see how she was able to compose herself in interviews. They must have had a close relationship, and she had many by her side still.

“She was my biggest fan,” Rochette said after the medal ceremony Thursday night. “But tonight, she would have told me, `What went wrong with that triple flip? It was so good in practice!'”

She laughed and shed some tears during the interviews, and I really felt that she was secure that her mom was with her in spirit.

After getting through the Olympics, the 24 year old felt emotionally exhausted and decided not to rush into the next competition. Many medal winning athletes also do this following the winter games. It wouldn’t have been a problem if she hadn’t agreed to participate in a few other events.

First she announced she will join the “Stars on Ice” tour, which starts in April. Then, what caused an initial problem; she agreed to perform on ABC’s “Thin Ice,” to perform a tribute for her mother. It is not a sanctioned event and is usually not allowed if you drop out of a major competition. However, after scrutiny, they decided to let the Joannie Rochette & tribute show go forward.

I think they made the right decision. Check out more photos and this video of the skater after the medal ceremony.

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Photos: David Carmichael

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