Maria Kanellis Life after WWE (Video)

March 17, 2010

WWE sexy wrestler Maria Kanellis left her fans with a broken heart, but what has she been up to this day? Is she going for some more Playboy covers? Television? Music? Well, we have all the news related to Maria Kanellis plus don’t miss her photos and video below.

Maria Kanellis

When he heard her name we immediately think of her amazing eyes, her Playboy pictures and her wrestling, but now we can’t see Maria at the WWE, as she was released from her contract last month. Was this planned by her? Apparently not, as she explained later, in fact she was shocked by the news, since she was negotiating her contract when they decided to terminate her contract.

“I think I was pretty surprised (laughing),” she said. “It was very shocking. It was the day after my birthday, I had just got done with my taxes, I knew that I was going to go home to pack and get ready for the road that weekend. I had been in talks about my contract for probably three weeks, trying to change a few things just like any human being who holds any job for any amount of time, I wanted things to get better. I was asking for things I thought were very reasonable and apparently negotiations ended and they decided they no longer wanted me.”

This terrible news also left her onscreen beau Matt Hardy totally devastated, but her fans were who worried us the most, so for you all Maria fans we want to tell you about her latest steps in show business.

As you all probably know she will join Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice next week, on March 26th to be exact, this same date she will begin or continue her career as an announcer at the King of the Cage: Legacy event in Reno, where she will be part of the Martial Arts announcers for HDNET, but why continue? Maria has been doing some broadcasting work for the WWE since 2004.

No wonder they want her as an announcer, she is not only drop dead gorgeous, but she has a beautiful voice as well, after all she is a singer. This takes us to our next question, will she continue with her career as a singer as well? Well she will indeed, her new album will be released on April 13 and is called “Seven Sins”.

So don’t worry guys, we still have a lot of Maria for a long time, but because you must be dying to see this, take a look at some of Maria Kanellis’ photos and her sexy videos below.

Maria Kanellis photoMaria Kanellis PhotosMaria Kanellis picMaria Kanellis pictureMaria Kanellis pictures

Photos: Aaron D. Settipane, Matthew Hines, Patricia Schlein, Owen Beiny, RK,

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