Katie Spotz: Atlantic Ocean Rower (Photos, Video)

March 16, 2010

Meet Katie Spotz, she is the incredible young and very talented Atlantic Ocean Rower, would you like to get to know her a little bit more? Then keep reading and don’t miss Katie Spotz’s photos and video below.

Katie Spotz

This incredible young lady is just in her early 20’s and already is one of the most amazing athletes in the world, as just on March 14, 2010 she became the youngest female solo rower in the Atlantic. Katie rowed away on “Liv” her 19 foot rowboat on January 3rd from Senegal and arrived at Guyana on March 15. Pretty amazing don’t you think?

This gorgeous 22 year old girl from Mentor, Ohio graduated from Mentor High in 2005. Three more years and she was graduating in North Carolina from Warren Wilson College, as you will read below her life has been full of challenges. She has overcome victoriously, her latest solo rowing experience was not her first journey, she swam the Allegheny River (325 miles) swimming around 12 to 15 miler per day, but this adventurous woman swam 22 miles one day. Then came The Half Woman Triathlon she won in all categories (13.1 running, 1.2 swimming, 56 miles at her bike). She had bigger challenges, like her 40 days (85 m each day) on her bike from Seattle to Washington and later running, but not ordinarily running, she ran 150 miles at the Mojave and Colorado desert, you don’t think this is hard try to run on the sand, believe me it is way too hard.

For her latest rowing challenge, at first she chose a 2,473 miles from Senegal to French Guiana, but later she added 400 miles more when she arrived at Georgetown, Guyana. Her boat was designed by Phil Morrison from Eastbourne, England and Katie collected $70,000, which she will give to the Blue Planet Run Foundation. She also supports Oxfam (fights injustice and poverty), American Lung Association, and her own charily called One World Running, which gives athletic shoes to people in need all over the U.S.

This incredible Atlantic Ocean Rower might just set a record, but this will certainly be just the beginning of her adventurous life, you better keep your eye on her! Meanwhile, take a look at Katie Spotz’s photos and video below.

Katie Spotz photoKatie Spotz photosKatie Spotz pictureKatie Spotz pictures

Katie Spotz Video

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