Lenny Dykstra’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (News)

March 15, 2010

Poor Lenny Dysktra, it seems that he is involved in scandal, now a Harassment Lawsuit is haunting the former outfielder from the Philadelphia Phillies. Keep reading to know the rest of this outrageous news plus take a look at the photos and video below.


For Lenny it has been one scandal after another; year after year we have been hearing all the disasters surrounding his life, and to think that he was one of the big guys in the MLB, first with the Mets then with the Phillies, he even won the Silver Slugger Award for best offensive player back in 1993, won the World series with the Mets in 1996, so you would think that he was on a roll to success, but he allegedly chose life in the fast track.

First we can remember his alleged use of steroids, an employee from his car wash told back in 2005 that he had allegedly stolen money from business partners, paid for his jet fuel with other people credit cards and allegedly never paid them back. Among those people is his mother.

In 2008 he started a Magazine, The Player’s Club, but he never allegedly paid for his office’s rent nor did he pay for other expenses on his magazine. His wife Terry filed for divorce in 2009 and that same year he filed for bankruptcy. He had some unbelievable troubles with his house, it was rumored that he was sleeping in his car. In order to get some money to pay some of the money he owed on his million dollar debt, he reportedly sold his World series ring and his trophy, but there were other times when Lenny was furious about the media getting the wrong impression about his financial troubles, and he fired back, but what can be expected, he had a history of getting some of his possessions allegedly repossessed.

Now the latest scandal on Lenny involves a woman named Jacqueline Massaro who was hired last year to work as his personal assistant on his house on Woodland Hills, but she lived in San Diego, so it took her a couple of hours to get there. One night that Lenny asked her to come down to get some work done was when this alleged assault took place. As she describes it, she got there her boss was not home, when he got there he shouted at her to “get to work” but when she asked him what did he want her to do he told her to get out of his house. As she started to get her things together for her long drive home to San Diego, he went in the room where she was getting ready and allegedly said:

"So, you have nowhere to go, give me a bl** jo* and you can stay the night."

She managed to scream and ran away to her car and headed back to her house. She filed the complaint in February. But this is not the first time he has been involved in a sexual harassment case. Back in 1999 an under age employee at his car wash filed a complaint against him, but the charges were later dropped.

We will keep you informed on further news about Lenny Dykstra’s sexual harassment lawsuit as soon as more news about this case come out, meanwhile take a look at the video below.

Lenny Dykstra Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/ Rdikeman

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