Gilbert Arenas’ Esquire Interview

March 15, 2010

Gilbert Arenas had said in an interview with Esquire Magazine that he deserved his punishment, what other statements did the famous athlete make? Keep reading to know all the details about his latest interview plus don’t miss Gilbert Arenas’ photos and video below.

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It was in January that he pleaded guilty to his guns in the locker room charge, where he was out of the Wizards for the rest of the season without pay, and his sentence will be on March 26. On that day it will be clear for him if he will go to jail or not, if he goes he can face up to five years which can be reduced to six months if he doesn’t get away with probation.

"If the judge goes off with the story the papers write, then, yeah, but if he goes off the actual real story, then I have no problems with it."

Since his incident he has maintained a relatively low profile, but it was at an event for PETA that he talked about his upcoming sentence, if he was up to returning to the Washington Wizards, this is what he said:

"I have no problem," Arenas said. "Basketball is basketball. I don’t think people realize that. No matter what city, overseas, D-league, park league — I just want to play. That’s up to the city and the owners," Arenas said. "It’s out of my hands." said Gilbert.

The Washington Wizards also want him back on the team, after all there is still some time left on his contract and he is a terrific basketball player.

"Gilbert is still one of the top players in this league. He’s under contract and he’s going to be with us, He’s part of this organization. If he wants to play, this is the place where he’s going to play.” said team President Ernie Grunfeld.

Now he spoke to Esquire Magazine saying that he knows he deserved the punishment he was given, but what makes him feel worse is that Wizards owner Abe Pollin is dead now, he passed away last November; for Gilbert he would have loved to have the chance to apologize to him to earn his trust again, that’s why he called Mr. Pollin’s wife.

"I have a painting of him in my garage. I just walk by it with my head down," Arenas said. "I called Mrs. Pollin and said, ‘If Abe was still with us, I would’ve had to talk to him, so I’m gonna give you the same respect. I want to say sorry to you. I deserve to be punished. I’ll do everything it takes to get back your husband’s respect."

Don’t miss Gilbert Arenas in Esquire Magazine on newsstands next week, meanwhile take a look at the photos and video below.

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Photos: Judy Eddy, Carrie Devorah,

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