Weaving as Captain America’s Nemisis: Red Skull

March 15, 2010

While the jury is still out on who will fill the iconic red, white & blue suit in Marvel’s upcoming superhero picture, it looks like they have come close to sealing the deal on casting Hugo Weaving as Captain America’s arch-nemesis: Red Skull. Hugo, who makes an excellent baddie, is currently in negotiations with Marvel and most think a decision will be made for the super-villain before the role of the super-hero is filled. Read on for the full story, and check out the pictures and video!

Hugo Weaving

I can’t remember a major movie where the casting has been made so public! Almost daily we are getting updates on the search for an actor to fill the Captain’s boots. The favorite up to this point has been John Krazinski, but recent reports indicate that he is out of the running. With the filming set to start later this year, at least they are getting their act together for Red Skull!

If they do manage to cast Weaving as Captain America’s nemesis, it will be a breakthrough for Marvel, which is renowned for being especially stingy negotiators. The company has a bad track record for alienating big-name actors, almost causing Samuel L. Jackson to walk away from Iron Man 2 because the pay was below standard. This might have something to do with the lack of locked-in actors for its new film.

Hugo, who you will remember most notably from “The Matrix,” “Lord of the Rings,” and most recently “The Wolfman,” would be a big plus for the new movie as he plays such a convincing bad guy. Red Skull, his potential character, is most certainly that. In the comic books, Red Skull is Hitler’s right-hand man and the Captain’s arch-nemesis. The two are both frozen in suspended animation and the story picks up when they thaw out in the modern day.

However it turns out, the writers will have a difficult time making a movie that has more twists and turns than the casting! Do you like Hugo? Would you like to see Weaving as Captain America’s nemesis: Red Skull? Let me know in the comments section below!

See below for more pictures and video of Hugo being interviewed!

Hugo Weaving  2 Hugo Weaving  3 Hugo Weaving  4 Hugo Weaving  5 Hugo Weaving  6 Hugo Weaving  7

Photos: www.wenn.com, FayesVision, Apega, Robert Wallace, Z.Tomaszewski

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