Carla Bruni Affair Rumors

March 13, 2010

News has been circulating the internet both confirming and denying the rumors of the purported Carla Bruni affair, and subsequent cheating by her husband Nicholas Sarkozy. Being that the couple are France’s equivalent of a Hollywood marriage, it’s easy to understand how such unsubstantiated rumors can continue to spread. Continue reading below to see the latest on this ongoing story, as well as pictures and video!

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The original story of the alleged cheating began last week as stories began cropping up that Mrs. Sarkozy was seeing her songwriter Benjamin Biolay and Nicholas had alleged relations with Junior Environment Minister Chantal Jouanno. Now, L’Express magazine is claiming the entire thing was an elaborate hoax by one of its reporters. But is this just a bid for fame from the French magazine?

When the news broke that Sarkozy and his wife were both engaged in extra-marital activities, the couple were quick to deny the allegations. However, with a former nude model for a wife, something about the Carla Bruni affair story seemed to catch with the media. Then, there was the less than convincing statement given by Mrs. Sarkozy.

“He would never have affairs,” she said. “And have you ever seen a picture of him having an affair? Ah. So!” She continued, “I guess marriage should be forever but, umm… who knows what happens. I wish it was forever; that’s my hope. But it could be dead tomorrow.”

Apparently, she also said, as part of her vows at their wedding, “love, honor, and I hope it works out.” This isn’t the way you would typically expect a person committed to marriage to speak. Still, that’s no reason to convict her! Nicholas was much more convincing:

“You clearly don’t know how busy a president of the republic is, but I don’t have a second to lose with this kind of ridiculous rubbish — not even half a second. I’m even wondering why you are wasting your time asking me such a question.”

Spot on Nick. Just yesterday, L’Express magazine said the entire thing began as an experiment by one of their reporters to see how fast unfounded rumors could spread across the internet. It just goes to show you have to take everything with a grain of salt!

Do you believe the Carla Bruni affair rumors? Speak your opinion in the comments section!

Also, check out the pictures and video below!

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Photos: Marc Stamas, Anwar Hussein

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