Sophie Reade Cristiano Ronaldo’s Crush? (Photos, Video)

March 14, 2010

Will we be facing Cristiano Ronaldo’s soon to be girlfriend? A new adventure, is this girl bluffing? We can’t really be 100% certain, but that doesn’t stop us from telling you about this stunning British girl, keep reading to know all the details about this news, plus don’t miss Sophie Reade’s photos and video below.

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So once again Sophie Reade made news, now she said that Real Madrid’s striker and Armani’s famous and too hot to handle model allegedly wants to meet with her. Sophie alleges that she met him a few years ago, but since she had a boyfriend who was with her at that moment she couldn’t do anything to meet with him better.

“I met Ronaldo when I was 18. I was having a meal with my boyfriend at the time. He cornered me on the way out of the restaurant and asked for my number. I knew who he was but there was nothing I could do as my boyfriend dragged me away.”

But this is about to change or so she says, when Cristiano’s manager allegedly called hers to get them to meet in Madrid.

"But his manager recently rang my manager to see if I wanted to see him in Madrid. He is keen to meet me again apparently."

After doing some research we found that when they first met was at a Manchester United’s Christmas party, where Sophie was having a great time with her friends dancing and having some drinks, Cristiano allegedly made his move, but some stopped him from scoring, or so Chris Perrin, a close friend said.

“Ronaldo took a shine to her and made a pass but she wasn’t interested. She’s not one for just pulling guys in nightclubs so she just told him she wasn’t interested and carried on drinking. Sophie has always done that. She is very pretty and constantly has guys after her but she will always put her friends first.”

This is odd, since she had already told many times how she loves Cristiano, that he is her passion, why would she miss the opportunity to meet him when he allegedly talked to her? Is she that good of a friend that she wouldn’t ditch her friends for a guy?

We will be watching very close for these two hotties, it will be really interesting to see the Manchester United Golden Boy smooching with a fervent Liverpool fan. But what else do we know about this foxy lady, perhaps we can tell you a bit about her.

Sophie Reade’s Little Biography

  • She was born On May 18, 1989 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England.
  • She lives with her parents and her two chihuahuas Mo and Army.
  • She has two sisters and two brothers.
  • She posed for UK Playboy when she was 18 years old.
  • She was the winner on Big Brother last year where she changed her named to “Dogface” to be a housemate.
  • While at Big Brother she dated Kris Donnelly.
  • Her bra Size is 30GG.
  • She first applied for Big Brother when she was 17, but she wasn’t old enough.

Take a look at Sophie Reade’s photos and video below.

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Sophie Reade Video

Photos: Will Alexander, Zibi, Lia Tobi, Sean Thorton, Daniel Deme,

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