When Will Tiger Woods Be Back? (News Update)

March 12, 2010

When will we be having Tiger Woods on the golf course again? That’s the big question, but do we have the answer for the one question that is intriguing the world all over? Keep reading to know the rest of this news plus take a look at Tiger Woods’ photos and video below.

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We all are dying to know for sure when he will be back, news about his upcoming comeback have been heard before, but nothing has been the truth. Since his he stepped out of his rehab program to spend some time with his family and give that press conference the world has turned completely mad, no one was expecting him to get back into rehab, but then he was done for sure and the question once again began to circulate worldwide.

After his return we found out, that his gorgeous wife Elin Nordegren and Tiger weren’t living under the same roof, but then we were so happy that finally they were living together and they were even spotted during a kissy- kissy moment which made us so happy for them, a great part of his well being and good play is balanced by his stability at home, so if his family life is on the right track he will count with the support, love and care his family brings in his life and the world has to be prepared to welcome one of the best golfers the world has ever seen. Don’t you agree that someone’s incredible playing skill is improved when they can rely on their families?

But for him his anticipated comeback is not just like Hi! I’m back! When is it my turn? It was rumored that he was searching for advice by the hand of Ari Fleischer, a former George W. Bush advisor and also he is responsible for cleaning up Mark McGuire’s image after his steroids issue. Now he is allegedly helping Tiger in finding the best way for his comeback, perhaps at the Arnold Palmer Invitational?

Well sources are commenting that he would be playing at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in two weeks, what do you think will he be back or not yet?

Take a look at tiger Woods’ photos and video below.

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 Tiger Woods Video 

Photos: Carrie Devorah, www.wenn.com

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