Denver Broncos Case & Verdict Guilty for Willie Clark

March 12, 2010

It all began two years ago on New Year’s Day. That’s when Darrent Williams was killed and what began the long road for the family and the Denver Bronco’s case, & verdict would come more than two years later.

Darrent Williams

Willie Clark, who was indeed a member of the gang Crips, was convicted of first-degree murder on Thursday, and was also accused of assault and attempted murder for injuring two other people in the drive by shooting. Lives were forever changed that day, and Darrent’s mom said in this instance “no one wins.” Continue for more of the details, including video.

The altercation happened a mere 12 hours after the last game of the 2006 season for the Denver Broncos. Case & verdict would get closer to completion in May of 2008 when a newspaper published a story stating Willie Clark had written a letter confessing to firing the shots that killed the former NFL player. Later that year he was indicted by a grand jury and on March 11, 2010 he was convicted. On April 30th, he will face sentencing for his crimes.

Williams was survived by a young son and daughter, and his girlfriend. During the trial, his mother Rosiland Williams, sat every day and was silent as the judgment was read. Then afterward we heard from her.

“It has been three years, three months and 11 days, but today ultimately shows that no one wins. My family didn’t win. The Clark family didn’t win,” she said. “I lost my son, my only son, and his children lost their father. This doesn’t bring him back. But I just want something has to happen in society for us to stop gang violence. It just has to stop.”

You can see more on her reaction with a video here. It is never a happy time when something like this happens, but it has to be somewhat of a relief to have the former Denver Bronco’s case & verdict settled.

Here is a tribute video to honor Darrent Williams.

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