Dorell Wright Arrested: DUI

March 11, 2010

What are the most recent news about Miami Heat’s forward Dorell Wright? Was he arrested lately? What are the charges? Keep reading to know this entire story, plus take a look at Dorell Wright’s photos and video below.

Dorell Wright

It seems that just yesterday we heard something about the Memphis Grizzlies and some other team showing a lot of interest in Dorell, he resigned with Miami in 2008 and his future in basketball looked pretty promising ever since. But what makes him so special, that is so obvious, but for him the secret for his play and what motivates him to work hard is his son, Devin Quentin Dwyane Wright. For him he is the center of his universe, what happened just recently certainly won’t be appreciated and definitely does not count like hard work either.

That’s Dorell’s latest encounter with the law, it all happened when he was driving on the streets of Miami Beach in his 2005 Bentley, so what’s wrong with that?

Oops!! We forgot to say he was a bitsy happy hippie, What??? Alright then, allegedly driving under the influence, and that won’t be pretty. Have you seen the streets of Miami Beach, there are cops like on every block, and may I just add they are smoking hot cops, but let’s go back to the news…so he was pulled over about 3:37 on March 11, the cops took notice because he wasn’t driving his best and at 52 mph on a 25 mph area.

They stopped him exactly on 12th street and Alton Road, when the officer approached the car, and got a look at his eyes and his breath, man! He was so busted! As the Miami Beach Police reported his eyes were all red and watery, and his breath allegedly smelled like he had been drinking, plus his speech didn’t help him either. And you know what else? Mr.Wright was driving with a suspended license. Besides all this he refused to take the sobriety test.

He was taken into arrest to the Miami’s Pretrial Detention Center at 10:00 a.m and about one hour and a half later approximately he was released after paying a $2000 bond.

The Miami Heat announced they would make a statement on Thursday, we will keep you posted.

Take a look at Dorell Wright’s photos and video below.

Dorell Wright photoDorell Wright picture


Dorell Wright Video

Photos: Johnny Louis,

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