Mary Haley McCrary is Michael McCrary’s Wife

March 11, 2010

Meet Mary Haley McCrary, she is the beautiful wife of former Baltimore Ravens player Michael McCrary, What’s going on with her life lately? We can tell you that, just keep on reading to know the rest of this story plus take a look at some photos plus a Mary Haley McCrary video below.

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Mary Haley and Michael tied the knot in 2005. They are the proud parents of their six year old daughter Kohanna. Mary has been a constant support in Michael’s life since his glorious years in the NFL till this day, but what happened then?

After his retirement, they have been allegedly struggling with financial problems for several years, but that was not it, It seems that what the problem is has to do with domestic violence, or so does Mary Haley said.

Mrs. McCrary alleged that her husband ‘brandished a handgun’ while they were arguing and then he threw a forty five pound metal kitchen tool at her and threatened her. But wait a minute, they were living separate lives weren’t they?

Well yeah! They are indeed, Michael moved out of their house in Timonium last August, he is currently living at Silo Point on the Baltimore waterfront, they also are in the middle of getting their divorce papers done and Kohanna’s custody. Mary said that he allegedly got into her house without her permission, he said that he didn’t know that he was not allowed to go inside. Mary told of another violent episode during their marriage when Michael allegedly punched the wall right next to where her head was, he hit it so hard that he even made a hole in it. They started arguing because she talked to him about his alleged drug abuse, Mary alleges that Michael takes pain killers every day, he suffers from anxiety and depression, takes depression medication and allegedly smokes marijuana regularly.

But the alleged episode that happened recently was, as she said, far more serious, after he got in her house he sat holding his gun and laughed at her, he threatened her and her daughter’s nanny Angela Birtch. When she went to court on Monday he wasn’t present and didn’t have to be, in fact if she requests he would not be allowed in any hearing if she is there, he will be in court next Monday. For the moment the Baltimore county judge granted her with a temporary protective order that forbids Michael to get close to her, their house in Timonium and Mary’s parents’ house in Vienna, Virginia.

You might be wondering what did he have to say about all this? He denied any action that could cause his wife, daughter or any other person in this case, the nanny, to be afraid of him.

"Baffled and disappointed by these baseless claims. This is not the Mary I know and love."

We will keep you informed of any further news about this case, meanwhile take a look at the video below.

Michael McCrary Video

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