Simon Cowell & Crystal Bowersox American Idol Endorsement

March 10, 2010

A popular American Idol contestant got a huge endorsement on Leno Monday night. The main guest on the late night talk show was Simon Cowell, & Crystal Bowersox was the main beneficiary. The cynical British critic, also known as Mr. Nasty or Judge Dread, handed out some uncharacteristic praise on a show which also saw him kissing his new fiance. Check out the full story, as well as pictures and video below!

Simon Cowell  2

The American Idol season has been highly competitive this year (as they say every year), but Crystal is arguably the favorite of both the fans and the critics. In excellent form last night, she performed an amazing rendition of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Give Me One Reason,’ a performance that was followed by the British judge’s appearance on the Tonight Show and no doubt had an effect on what he said.

On the show, Mr. Nasty talked about his recent engagement and, after spotting his fiance in the crowd, Leno invited her to the stage. Then, Leno asked for thoughts about American Idol from Simon Cowell, & Crystal Bowersox was all he could talk about!

“I tell you who I like, I like this girl Crystal. When I first saw her, I described her as a busker, and I liked the way she handled that, because she admitted that’s what she was. But she’s got some confidence now. She was ill, she’s got over that, she’s got a great voice. She’s different. I like her.”

I had no idea what a busker was, so in case you’re anything like me, it’s a street performer who works for tips. So, compared to Judge Dread’s usual comments, this is a glowing review! Now that she’s made a full recovery from her illness, this will just serve to boost her confidence further. What is your opinion on Simon Cowell & Crystal Bowersox’s endorsement? Voice your American Idol opinion in the comments section.

Also, check out the pictures and video below!

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Photos: Jody Cortes, RHS, Tony Clark, Daniel Deme

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