Hilary Rhoda’s 2010 Sports Illustrated Photos (Video)

March 9, 2010

Sean Avery is or used to date the sexy Hilary Rhoda, if he still is he certainly is happy to see her in Sport Illustrated. But if he is not, he might be in so much pain right now. Anyway keep reading to know the rest of Hilary Rhoda’s Sports Illustrated photo shoot news plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

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As you all know Hilary is from Maryland, she will be twenty four years old next month. Hilary was allegedly romantically related to New York Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez, you do remember that steamy photo shoot they did together for GQ Magazine right? But what happened to them? They looked so hot together. Well that we can’t answer, but then she was allegedly dating New York Ranger’s left winger Sean Avery, who used to date Elisha Cuthbert, we are not really sure if Hilary is still dating Sean or not, which is really not important right now, what is definitely important is her latest appearance in Sports illustrated.

Hilary is one of the faces for Estee Lauder, but recently she has been referred to as a Sports Illustrated model. What, for just one time she has been in the magazine? Well, this is actually her second time, her first was in 2009, but with that face and that body we really don’t care if she was just on one page. She is gorgeous, you know what? Maybe I’m thinking out loud, but If there will be a Superwoman Movie, I heard that Megan Fox was among the actresses on the list, but I’d rather put Hilary‘s name on the top of that list in a heartbeat.

This second photo shoot for Sports Illustrated took place in Rajasthan, India. The pictures were taken by Riccardo Tinelli and I have to say she have never looked so beautiful, the swimsuits were exquisite, it was the least you can expect if you are looking at Swimsuits by Mikoh, Vix Swimwear, Orazio, Lisa Cabrinha, Delfina, Saha Swimwear, Lisa Curran, Tyler Rose, Maryann Melhorn, Tori Praver, Latifah Toure, Emano, Bagdgey Mischka, Agua Bendita, Pompei Beach and Maui among others.

It was her first time in India, she had the chance to have her picture taken with and on top of an elephant, although it was scary it was pretty cool too. She also had the opportunity to share a time with locals who taught her how to dance, but we are not really sure if she really learned how to do it.

Don’t miss this gorgeous girl in Sports Illustrated Magazine, but right now take a look at Hilary Rhoda’s photos and video below.

Hilary Rhoda photoHilary Rhoda photosHilary Rhoda PicHilary Rhoda picsHilary Rhoda pictureHilary Rhoda pictures

Hilary Rhoda’s Sports Illustrated Video

Photos: PNP, Flashpoint, Andres Otero, Judy Eddy, www.wenn.com

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