Irene Folstrom: Tiger Woods’ College Girlfriend

March 9, 2010

As many of Tiger Woods’ friends and fans who would love to stand up for him, for many that is something they only dream of, but for Irene Folstrom, Tiger Woods’ college girlfriend, she embraced that opportunity to stand up for her former boyfriend and friend. Keep reading to know the rest of this news, a few details about her, plus take a look at some of Irene Folstrom’s photos and video below.

Irene Folstrom

Irene grew up on an Indian reservation in Minnesota. Later on she would spend her high school years at Casa Lake High School and at Leach Lake Headstart in Minnesota until she graduated in 1993. Then she headed to Stanford University in California; this was the place where she would meet that handsome, kind, smart and very polite young man named Tiger Woods. And this is how she recalled some things about their relationship.

They began to date for the next year and a half in the mid 1990’s and they became almost inseparable. That was until Tiger became pro and had to move on in their sophomore year, although they were in love, for Irene, her studies were a great deal, especially if you count that she was the only member in her family to earn a college degree, she would end up not following him.

Irene explains that during their time together they ate Chinese food at their favorite spot, or enjoy a road trip after they, according to PopEater, sneaked a bottle whiskey from Tiger’s house or would buy it with her fake ID. They would talk eternally about their future plans or watch Tiger played golf sometimes in company of Tilda, Tiger’s mom, with whom she became real close, because she grew up on an Indian reservation they were taught the same family values. As for Tiger’s dad Earl, Irene and him would spend hours discussing politics or they would joke about Tiger and her “puppy love” as Earl described it.

Irene also explained how Tiger’s behavior was back then, he was caring for others and kind, but even at that time he would keep to himself. Some things like his emotions, she could see Tiger’s commitment and pressure that being a golfer carried. You might wonder if he ever popped the big question to her? She said that for Tiger, settling down at that age was not a possibility, especially if you take note that Earl Woods was a great influence in his son’s life, he told Tiger many times that his point of view was his son’s point of view about not getting married before his thirties.

What did she have to say about Tiger’s loyalty while they were dating? Well as Irene explained, that she can’t say for certain if he was always allegedly faithful to her while they were dating, but never found out about any time he was cheating on her though. She was utterly shocked when she heard the news about his infidelities and even more when she heard about that he was at sex rehab. She explains that they had a normal sexual relationship.

She thinks that Tiger’s affairs were a way to escape from the pressure he felt about his career, a “wrong way out”, but he is trying to get his life back. He had apologized, he deserves a second chance, which she hopes he gets.

Irene did not do this interview in order to get money, recognition or any other kind of advantage whatsoever, her intention was merely to stick up for who she considered was a great boyfriend, a good friend and a wonderful human being.

After she left Stanford in 1997, she got into Cornell Law school where she would graduate in 2003. At this moment she is an attorney that fights for Native American Rights, she is single and still lives in Minnesota. She is not the only woman in Tiger’s early dating times to speak up, back in December Dina Parr, Tiger’s high school girlfriend also commented about him and about how Tiger’s dad had allegedly cheated too.

Take a look at some photos and video below.

Irene Folstrom photo

Tiger Woods is Sorry for Affairs Video

Tiger’s High School Girlfriend Video

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