Anna Trebunskaya, Evan Lysacek Partner Up For DWTS

March 9, 2010

Meet Anna Trebunskaya, she is the professional ballroom dancer who will also be Evan Lysacek’s partner on DWTS. Would you like to know more about her? Then keep reading to find out more, plus check out some of Anna Trebunskaya’s photos and video below.

Anna Trebunskaya

As you all know, DWTS’ tenth season is almost here and this season brings impressive talent and stunning couples; one of these are the ones from by professional figure skater and Olympic medalist Evan Lysacek and the beautiful Anna Trebunskaya, which brings us to wonder who really is this girl? So we searched everywhere to give you a complete biography of this impressive lady, let’s begin!!

Anna Trebunskaya was born on December 28, 1980 in Russia; for her, dancing came pretty easy since both of her parents are former ballroom dancers and owned a dance studio. Trying to resist her legacy was helpless and it didn’t even cross her mind, for her dancing was an art, an inspiration and a dream. She would be dancing all the time. As time went by she became a professional little dancer, that was how when she was just seven years old she made her debut in her first official dancing competition, which she certainly won. She moved on to competing at the junior competitions then she began dancing among the big guys, but before that Anna and her parents crossed the sea and made their home in America, at that time Anna was a gracious, beautiful seventeen years old lady.

Anna began competing at the U.S Dancing competitions with the help of her mom Irina, who made her costumes. She landed in 1998 at the USA Amateur Youth Standard Championships with Vitali Koulik, which they won. She is a professional Latin Dancer as well, her dedication and discipline has taken her where she is now, she would train 6 days a week and still does, plus she completes her workout by doing some Pilates,
yoga, ballet and she likes to hit the gym too.

In 2000 she teamed up with Jonathan Roberts who is now her husband and a DWTS dancer. During their short time dancing they not just accomplished many titles, but they ranked 24 in the world and 6th in the U.S, their last dance was in 2006 in Miami after Jonathan retired from competing. Her next partner was Pavlo Barsuk.

Anna’s story with DWTS started in the second season, as you see she has had other athletes for partners since her debut, that is the case of NFL retired wide receiver Jerry Rice, in season five she danced with Floridian Model Albert Reed, Steve Guttenberg would be her dance partner in season six, UFC champion Chuck Liddell in the ninth season. After they were eliminated Anna returned to fill in for Lacey Schwimmer since she got the flu, and in this tenth season on DWTS she will be joined by Evan Lysacek, who is known for being a workaholic and DWTS was no exception, so Anna commented.

"He is an amazing workaholic, which I respect," says Anna of her partner. "It’s been lots of fun because I’ve been learning about how he’s thinking and learning about how his body is moving, and to me every single student is like a new challenge — it’s like a new book that I want to read and really get into."

Don’t miss Anna Trebunskaya and her stunning DWTS dance partner Evan Lysacek on March 23rd where they will be delighting us with the Viennese Waltz. Meanwhile take a look at Anna Trebunskaya’s photos and video below.

Anna Trebunskaya photo 1 2Anna Trebunskaya photos 1 2Anna Trebunskaya picture 1 2Anna Trebunskaya pictures 1 2

Anna Trebunskaya Video

Photos: FayesVision, Nikki Nelson, Judy Eddy,

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