Calif. Senator & Gay Admission

March 9, 2010

A shocking scandal was sustained this morning as Republican Sen. Roy Ashburn’s homosexual admission was aired on California radio. Rumors have been connecting the Calif. Senator & gay preference since his DUI arrest earlier this week where it was leaked that he had just left a gay nightclub. The rub is, the elected official’s voting record has been consistently opposed to gay-rights.

Ashburn has held his office for CA since 2002 and has found consistent support among his constituents. Now, his future is in question. Although he has reached his term limits in his current position, he had planned to run as a congressman. A plan that has since been scrapped. As one news source asks, how does a gay republican fit into the conservative party? Check out the full story as well as video below!

In a radio interview yesterday morning, the state official admitted the truth:

“I am gay. Those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long. But I am gay. But it is something that is personal and . . . I felt with my heart that being gay didn’t affect — wouldn’t affect — how I did my job.”

Since his election in 2002, the CA rep has consistently voted against gay-rights bills including a bill in 2005 that would have allowed gay marriage, and a bill in 2009 that designated May 22nd as Harvey Milk Day in honor of the slain gay-rights leader. And when the Calif. Senator & gay rumors came out Monday, civil-rights groups attacked with viciously with accusations of hypocrisy and lying.

In his own defense, the CA Rep said:

“I felt my duty – and I still feel this way – is to represent my constituents, not my own point of view, not my own internal conflict. There’s never been a doubt in my mind on the position of the vast majority of the people in my district.”

This is obviously a sensitive issue for both sides of the argument. We’ll have to sit back and see what the fallout from this news is in the coming months. What are your thoughts on the news surrounding the Calif. Senator & gay admission? Let me know in the comments section!

Also, check out the video below!

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