Ron Artest’s New Hair Cut (photos, Video)

March 8, 2010

Well once again Ron Artest managed to called everyone’s attention – at least this time it was in a positive way, and very interesting I might add, and why was that? Well have you seen his new hair cut? It is not a regular hair cut in fact it is quite peculiar. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out some of Ron Artest’s photos and video below.

Ron Artest 1 2

As for Ron Artest’s new hair cut, we can just say that it is very original, innovating and don’t forget noticeable. Not only did he become a gorgeous blond, but he also added some scripts on it, in three different languages plus color so his head matches his team uniform now.

Goodbye Dennis Rodman, Hello Ron “Artist”, for when it comes to stylish and noticeable hairdos he is the Man! Ron had the word “Defense” scripted on his head in Hindu, Japanese and Hebrew. At first he didn’t want to say what it said, but then told the world via Twitter.

"It’s like a school project for you,” Artest said before the Magic-Lakers game at Amway Arena. "Take a picture and look it up. Ask your wife. Or just google it, and find out.”

And what did his coach Phil Jackson have to say about his defense man? Well he was amused by it maybe he will have a better performance on the court now that he has well, marked what he is supposed to do on his skull, since coach Jackson allegedly expressed once his disappointment about Artest’s play. Ron became a Laker in July 2009 when he signed a 33 million contract for the next five years.

Let’s not forget that Ron has become sort of a magnet to attention and trouble in the past. Remember that time when he got into a fight with fans in 2004, or that other time when he said he allegedly drank Hennessy at halftime? I sure remember that one.

Take a look at Ron Artest’s photos and video below.

Ron Artest photoRon Artest Picture

Ron Artest New Hair Cut Video

Photos: / CC BY-SA 2.0 Creamer, Eric Molina

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