Tawanna Iverson: Allen Iverson’s Wife (photos, Video)

March 7, 2010

Meet Tawanna Iverson, she is the lovely wife of NBA player Allen Iverson. Keep reading to know more details about her, her children, her recent divorce plans plus don’t miss Tawanna Iverson’s photos and video below.

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Tawanna’s life hasn’t always been glamorous as many people think the life of major athlete’s wives are. She has been through happy times and others that she might remember as an absolute nightmare. Let’s take a look at her life, marriage and her children.

Tawanna Turner Iverson met her future husband at Bethel High School in Bruins, they started dating when they were sixteen years old. It was during college that Tawanna discovered she was pregnant and Tiaura was born in 1995. Three years later Allen II, also known by his parents as Deuce, was born, and in 1998 they got engaged. And so it was that in August 2001 they finally got married.

In 2003 Tawanna and Allen welcomed their third child, Isaiah Rahsann, and two more years later Messiah Lauren was born. Their fifth child Dream Alijha was born in 2008. Mrs. Iverson might have a house full of lovely children that filled their home with laughter and joy, but there were also times that she faced horrible days. Allen Iverson’s visits to jail are countless, but one event that lived on her own skin was when Allen allegedly threw her out of their house in Gladwyne deliberately naked in 2002. When he went all over to look for her, he went to look for her at her cousin’s house were she was staying, but when they wouldn’t let him in, he threatened them with a gun. After this horrible thing passed, Tawanna returned to Allen and we never heard of any other dispute between them until March 4, 2010 when Tawanna filed for divorce after saying that their marriage was “irretrievably broken”. She wants full custody of their five children, as well as Alimony and child support, and as for the legal expenses those will allegedly go to Allen. Tawanna and Allen have been married for eight and a half years. Rumors about Tawanna looking for a divorce were mentioned back in 2007, but nothing was ever confirmed.

Tawanna was sick and tired of her basketball stud’s constant affairs, not only did she had to witness a parade of mistresses, but these woman harassed her; this was the last drop on Tawanna’s glass of water that send her filing for divorce, but now she is having second thoughts.
On June 8th, 2010 it was reported that Tawanna decided to give her husband a second chance, after he promise he will be 100% faithful to her, the news was confirmed by a source close to them.

”They have been together forever and they obviously love each other . . . Tawanna just had to make sure that she was in the right relationship.”
“Allen is committing to being 100 percent faithful going forward.”

I think it is great that Tawanna and Allen are back together, we wish the best for them and their beloved family, Congratulations!!! Its awesome to now that still is and will be Allen Iverson’s Wife.Take a look at Tawanna Iverson’s photos and video below.

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Tawanna Iverson Video.

Photos: Carrie Devorah, www.wenn.com

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