Brittney Griner Punches Jordan Barncastle During Game (Video)

March 6, 2010

Do we smell a catfight over here between two female basketball players? Maybe, but don’t get too excited, this one wasn’t arousing in any way, but it was really interesting, Keep reading to know the full story behind Brittney Griner and Jordan Barncastle, plus check out some photos and the punching video below.

Brittney Griner

When you think of two girls and let me be more specific – two tall, athletic female basketball players, guys would have gone absolutely mad about it. I still don’t get it, I wouldn’t get excited if two guys were fighting, maybe if you tell me Reggie Bush and Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady and Donovan McNabb or Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham or.. Oh My God this thing is contagious!!

But really again with the girls fighting, this fight was totally uncool, especially when this kind of action will cause you to get ejected from the game, and maybe not even being able to play in a few others. That’s the reality that Baylor university’s center Brittney Griner is facing after she punched Texas Tech Jordan Barncastle, right after she was abruptly flung by Jordan, when all of the sudden Griner punched Jordan in the nose. After the fight the game was paused for a few minutes while they reviewed the tape to take action about the incident, which was pretty clear what had happened. This fault caused Brittney to be ejected from that game, besides she won’t be playing at Baylor’s next game plus the one game suspension requested by the NCAA; so that will be a total of two games suspension for Griner. After the incident Jordan Barncastle left the game to change her jersey, came back but left again and didn’t come back after that, she left with her nose broken. This is not the first time these two players make news. In their last game last February, they exchanged some not very kind words between each other.

"I don’t believe this incident should define Brittney Griner — either as a person or a player. … Her actions were very uncharacteristic of her. "There’s no place for that in sports, It was ugly for women’s basketball. It was ugly that coaches were on the court, that benches cleared, and I will take care of that with my team." Baylor coach Kim Mulkey said.

After the game Brittney apologized to Jordan, but the damage was already done and the consequences for her actions were already on her, her punishment was settled, but others thought it wasn’t enough for her actions.

"I let my emotions get the best of me, and I am deeply sorry," her statement said. "I will grow from this, and I am dedicated to setting an example to others of how to learn from personal mistakes." Said Barncastle.

It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating Brittney’s triple double or when she became one of the few women to dunk twice in a single game in her college career, she sure is an excellent WNBA future star, she has every aspect in her favor, talent, height, speed, strength, but anger will not do anything in her favor or will it?

Take a look at some photos and the video below.

Brittney Griner photo

Brittney Griner punching Jordan Barncastle video

Photos: / CC BY-NC 2.0
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