Shaun White’s Rolling Stone Magazine Cover Photos

March 4, 2010

Have you seen the latest pictures of Shaun White? He is on the cover of Rolling Stone, and shirtless I might add! Keep reading to know more about this news and more about this amazing Snowboarder, plus take a look at some of Shaun White’s photos and video below.

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The last time we heard about Shaun he was looking very stylish at the DSquared Fashion Show in Milan, we got the chance to see him at the Colbert Report during the Olympics, and he stopped to make a visit on Oprah as well as to Jay Leno. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I can sum it up for you. Shaun talked about his experience the night before his event, how his mother took his first medal to the dry cleaners. They showed the video where they gave the gold to Shaun, it’s like we can’t get enough of it, that maneuver he did was beyond words, but the interview was awesome! No wonder why he is so loved, he sure is a great guy. I have said that before, but give some credit he sure is cool. Speaking of cool, the Rolling Stone Cover, Totally Cool!!

Did you know that his cover was a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix? Shaun said he was supposed to be on the cover and lit his guitar on fire, so because Shaun made the cover he lit his snowboard on fire, in fact the pictures are pretty awesome, he’s shirtless, wearing tight pants, might be spandex, I don’t know, but they sure were patriotic, maybe not so patriotic to his snowboard since it shows him pouring what eems to be lighter fluid all over it.

You might remember his last time on Rolling Stone he was also shirtless. At that time the cover was entitled “The Attack Of The Flying Tomato”, his nickname, that he used to love, but has now grown tired of. This time it is entitled, “Shaun White Big Air, Big Hair”. Take a look at Shaun White’s photos and video below.

Shaun White photos 1Shaun White pictures

Shaun White Video

Photos: HRC, Adriana M. Barraza, Tina Paul,

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